Pinnacle PCTV Pro USB 2.0 Analog TV Tuner




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Pinnacle PCTV Pro USB 2.0 Analog TV Tuner
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WOW hot Price!! I bought one of these about a year ago and it works great (paid A LOT more), I use it to watch my cable TV on my computer since I work from Home. I recently upgraded to Vista and I’m happy that Pinnacle provided updated software so it works :slight_smile: I highly recommend especially for this price !!


Analog> In the digital age?


Not the best camouflage item to go along with a set…


I use this quite a bit to record shows for my Video Ipod, sure beats spending $1.99 to download each show from Itunes


I want one!!! Myth TV here i come… (maybe one day)



No thanks woot! I’ve converted to HDTV (digital, not analog).


I bought one of these at Best Buy recently for $69.00, great deal Woot. Has worked great for me.


No Mac Support?


This comes with a Stereo Phono to 3.5mm Stereo Jack adapter, right? Because if it doesn’t, you won’t be able to hook up pretty much any A/V source to it.


could i watch my high definition 1080p VHS tapes through this?


Windows only…no thanks. G’nite, woot


So this thing doesn’t work with Macs?


Naught but one-star reviews at Amazon. Watch out!


why would anyone watch tv from their laptops? isn’t analog going to be phased out of tv land within the next couple of years?


Link to Amazon, PriceGrabber and Froogle pricing

A little late today. Not a bad item. I’m a fan.


What, exactly, does this thing do? Is it exactly what the title implies?

Amazon Reviews. 3 reviews, average = 1 star. Ouch…

I’m gonna skip this one…happy wooting!


Can I watch movies stored on my PC on the TV?