Pinnacle PCTV To Go HD Wireless

Even thought the detailed picture shows coax connectors for cable, please note that this does NOT have a built in tuner. Those connectors have been removed in the actual product. I bought one of these last time, and was disappointed that it did not have a built in tuner. You must use either a cable box, a satellite receiver, or an old VCR with a tuner. Other than that, it works well, and it allows my brother to watch DVDs that we rent while he is at college over 600 miles away.

Buy a laptop with an HDMI out. Then buy a cable.

how does this compare to the slingbox ?

The quality is good, on par with sling, maybe better for HD content. Sling has it beat for client platforms though (eg OS X support). unlike sling’s HD offering though, you don’t have to buy/add a separate dongle thing for the HD inputs. I have the Hava wired version of this, so I can’t speak to the wireless part. I have to believe you will get better performance over the wire though.

very pricie 24.99 maybe!

I use mine wireless no problems, pic quality is awesome. I also had a slingbox, the video quality of this device is far superior. Plus you can record and use with mediacenter

I got my swiss gear laptop bag from sellout.woot tonight. Super cool. Still waiting on my squidies though

What is the difference between this and a slingbox?

inserts mob mentality whine of disappointment
Just go to sleep. Jeez.

Why do that when you can get a DVI -> HDMI cable and stay digital?

Is there a benefit to having your computer generate an analog signal that gets interpreted by your HDTV to be displayed as a digital image?

they’re very close, I like this one better.

You would still need to have HD on the receiving end to take advantage of this, correct?

In other words, watching this HD on a Palm device ain’t gonna make any difference?

OMG! I bought the last Pinnacle crap that was wooted. Only woot I regretted buying. I ended up tossing it because of their crappy tech support and even crappier software and drivers.

Slingbot works…?

I got one of these when they were Wooted on October 8th, for ahem! less than half this price.

EDIT: Yes, I’ll leave it there but indeed I was mistaken. Though I did buy both, I haven’t done a thing yet with the cheaper card wooted on 10-8, and I paid slighly more for my PCTV to go HD Wireless on 8-1. I was mistaken, and deservedly called on it by several of you.

Does Slingox even *have * a model with WiFi built in?


Oct 8th was an internal TV tuner card, not even remotely the same thing.

Sling box you have to buy an extender, they don’t have any wireless built in…

Yet another reason why I need high-speed internet.

That, and the ability to fight off you wooters on Bumbling Octopus Calrissian nights.

I’m pretty sure this is the same hardware internally as the Hava Wireless HD

Its a great thing, just doesn’t have an onboard tuner. My dad has one for the DirecTiVo and I use it a lot.

Do what I did, buy a DVD player with a SD slot on it and an 8GB SD card. After that, it should be obvious what to do.