Pinnacle PCTV To Go HD Wireless

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Pinnacle PCTV To Go HD Wireless
$69.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Can I record to my HD recoreder in my computer using this?

Only 3 stars on Amazon

7.0 on CNET, however.

I own the usb stick version, not so good. Try this one??

sweet now i’ll never miss dancing with the stars!!!

Great deal - got one of these last fall for $149 and it works great…

in for 9

Bought it at the last wootoff. LOVE LOVE LOVE it, especially on my PocketPC, but WARNING: you need to flash it with the firmware from I think they’re the original manufacturer that Pinnacrap resells. Also, use the My Hava software but read the support forums first (which are great).

Anything like Apple TV?

Read this before you buy:

Slingbox AV vs Pinnacle PCtv

How does this compare to the Sling (which I already own)?

Yep, you can do it…

Pinnacle software is horrendous. It is the only thing that I’ve found that crashes Vista. And this is a supposed Vista-compatible version. I have the PCI version of this. I would advise against it.

Had One… Junk… Sold on EBAY… Went back to Sling Box… I’m out of here for tonight…

Do I not need any gizmo on my desktop/laptop to receive the wireless signal? Or just a wireless card is enough?

Isn’t Mike McCready the guy from Pearl Jam?

Does anyone have one of these, any comments? I have a SlingBox and it’s great, this looks like it’s about the same, possibly some more features, but I wonder about the interface to use it, and the quality.


Doesn’t appear to work with linux… :frowning:

I believe this is the same item from Feb 15, but it was 89.99 then. knock 10 more bucks off of it and I am in for one.