Pinnacle PCTV To Go HD Wireless

Lame… ready for the next item…AGAIN…

No no, you guys are doing this all wrong


is this like a slingbox?

Wow, that last one went by so quick! So I’ll say it again…
Ok, no politics in here now, right? We clear on that?

This time?.. YO MAMA FIGHT!!!

no? yes?.. no? Anybody?

Bah, useless junk that’ll stay at 95% FOR EVER

Woot Killer!

do they do woot offs at shirt.woot?

feel as though i’d go broke much quicker there…

Ugh! Not again -.-

Seem to be cheaper on eBay

no linux or mac support

no linux or mac support

yes. really close. sling requires more.


Racist pictures ? Where?

This looks really cool…

everytime i install anything made by pinnacle it always skrewed up my PC never again be warned people

I concur

But I’m at work anyway so it wouldn’t do me alot of good LOL

why are you turning this political