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**Item: **Pinnacle Soundbar of Your Choice
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Not so good reviews on the PBAR 6200 at
PBAR 6200 Product Page

crap… i just bought the Sharp…

Let’s check out the product page for the Q.P. 9

had to put the periods. when I entered “Q_P” it changed it

Any recommendations for a soundbar that fits a 32 inch TV in a bedroom? It’s depressing seeing all these setups for bigger TV’s.

I was goin to pull the trigger on the 6200 untill i saw the new egg reviews now im a little scared any one have some cons ?

I’ve searched pretty much everywhere, including the previous WOOT and can’t find enough reviews to get any idea how good or bad this product is. Too bad, my dad is in need of a sound bar.

Sorry if this is a dumb question - but would I need a receiver to power the Q****P 9 soundbar (I’m guessing the answer is yes, but I would like to hear from someone more knowledgeable.)

Be aware. I bought the Pinnacle soundbar with sub woofer and it was defective right out of the box. Pinnacle refused to replace it. They offered to repair it and it would take, by their own estimate, with shipping about a month. No way I was going to do that. Sent it back for a refund.

I’ve been watching all these Pinnacle Woot+ for weeks. I was almost sold on the Soundbar 6200, I just couldn’t bring myself to taking the chance.

While Arin from Pinnacle seems very sincere, I want to believe that Pinnacle just suffers from the problem of small sales and users who don’t like to write reviews. I want to believe that it is a company started by an audiophile who makes excellently engineered products and is fanatical about customer service.

I too read all the past Woot comments and found a couple of positive comments, there was one glowing review that seemed suspect (just joined that day, used unnatural generalities, etc). Then there were also some plain out harsh reviews on these older woot discussions, but I couldn’t gauge the credibility of the reviewers.

Please, if you have bought one of these and are pleased with it, help Woot move more of these!

True confession: I have needed/wanted a soundbar since getting an LG 47" LCD and spent an hour yesterday comparing reviews and comments on the following: the Phillips soundbar w/o subwoofer that had over 1000 positive Amazon reviews, the Boston Acoustics TVee 25 with wireless subwoofer with 100’s of positive reviews, and this Pinnacle 6200 (all of which were available yesterday on Woot.)

I went with the TVee 25. (Sorry Arin)

Really? Those reviews are trotted out each time these speakers are offered. If one takes time read them, they are more about NewEgg selling previously returned merchandise to one buyer than the quality and performance of the actual product.

I bought the front row sound bar with sub woofer several weeks ago and installed with a 46 inch Samsung TV. The sound was a huge upgrade especially for the price. The sub woofer far exceeded my expectations and coupled instantly (about sixteen feet away). Although the sound quality is good, this system is very rudimentary with few inputs and a remote that doesn’t easily sync with the sat. remote. If you want lots of frills, spend a lot more money and get more functionality. The only thing that didn’t work was the clock. It can be set but it still doesn’t work. That’s not a show stopper in my book. This is only a 2.1 system, may not be sufficient for a large room and does not qualify for serious theater effects, but it easily improves the sound of my TV by a magnitude.

Hello Woot Community. This is Arin with Pinnacle Speakers, customer support Team leader. I will be here to asisit you with any and all questions. Pinnacle is a USA based family owned and operated company. Celebrating our 37th years, since 1976, we are famous for superb product and superior value. We pride ourselves in old fashioned, personnal customer service. I have been here for 8 of the 37 years and I am sure I can answer most any question. No question is a bad question. Thanks.

Hi, Arin with Pinnacle here. Yes, exactly so. First, NEW EGG is only authorized to sell our products in CANADA, not in the USA. We ship units across the border and sometimes customs may inspect a few items, or some customer returned 1 piece and NEW EGG re-sold it. We do not ever sell refurbs, re-packaged or anything other than 100% brand new, factory tested merchandise. Period! So, hopefully this clears that up.

Hi, Arin with Pinnacle here. First, this promo has 2 items that appear similar but are very different. FRONT ROW PBAR 6200 is a SOUNDBAR. QP9W is a SPEAKERBAR. They are not interchangeable terms. Pinnacle was the first major company to introduce the SPEAKERBAR concept back in 2003. a SPEAKERBAR is designed for a HOME THEATER system housing the front left/front right and center channel speakers all in 1 space saving cabinet. It will hook up to an audio 5.1 or 7.1, 7.2 etc receiver. So, if you want a HOME THEATER system, QP9W is an exceptional performer.

Now to SOUNDBAR. This is a relatively new category borne out of the need to replace the non-existant acoustic quality of the super thin TV’s. As TV’s have gotten thinner and thinner, the picture quality is remarkable, BUT, audio quality has been all but completely stripped out. So, a SOUNDBAR is a self powered speaker with left and right channels designed t o replace, and in our case, seriously upgrade the Big screen TV. Hook up is a snap, 1 cable plugs directly to the TV and you are done. We include a remote for volume too. So, to recap, for a HOME THEATER SYSTEm, you want QP9W, for outstanding acoustics for the flat panel TV, you want a SOUNDBAR, front Row pbar 6200

Hi, Arin with Pinnacle here. The QP9W would need a receiver. The FRONTROW PBAR 6200 is a direct connect to your TV with a cable we provide

Hi, Arin with Pinnacle here. Yep, we are the real deal. Started in 1976 by Audiophile Rich R, who remains President and cheif of engineering and majority stockholder to this day. There is only 1 speaker company that has not changed hands in business longer than us, and that is BOSE. So we still represent the same quality and values we started with in 1976. It is a shame there is too much confussion out there. So, in fact, we have been in business longer than any other brand mentioned here with the same consistant people. We have sold several million speakers. But, intersecting with the Speaker needs is an occasional thing, so we understand lots of people have tough choices to make.

Thanks for your report.

Hi Arin from Pinnacle,
What’s the warranty on the Pinnacle sound bar? Also, what’s the return/exchange policy if I’m not satisfied with the quality of the product?

For some further guidance, we view the market comparative item to our FRONTROW SYS 8210 from Boston Acoustics line-up to be model TVEE 30, not TVEE 25.