Pinnacle Speakers

I have the 225 sub. For the price it is a must-buy for your home theater!

From previous woot. Pinnacle rep was there.

Annnnnnd back to bed I go. Let’s see if I remember this in the morning.

I am unsure about the powered subwoofer being on all the time, even when the main unit is off. Can anyone comment on that and what to do about it, other than turning the subwoofer on and off every time you listen to the sound system?

It should go into standby mode after a minute or two of no sound input. If the LED is staying green long after you power down the receiver, you may be picking up interference that the sub amp sees as sound input.

Some people have reported interference from wireless routers nearby, so that’s something to think about.

FYI, Pinnacle’s customer support is generally quite responsive.

Good morning. This is Arin with Pinnacle Speakers customer support here to assist with any questions, issues etc. for Woot community. First, I want you to know I have been working here for 8 years out of Pinnacle’s 37 year history. I know a lot, but if I do not know an answer to a question, I have engineering and other resources here to help. So, ask away.

With the PSSUB225 referenced above the Wooter is correct. The product should go into standby mode and be silent soon after shutting off the system. It may be picking up wifi or other interference. Try moving the subwoofer a little bit from its current room location if the problem persists.

Also, avoid the 6200 soundbar. It SUCKS. My Panasonic plasma circa 2008 has better sound from the built-in speakers.

On the other hand, the Baby Boomer and center channel speaker both kick serious ass. At these Woot prices, I feel like the savings on those items made up for my mistake of buying the 6200. Also, the small size of the Baby Boomer gave me some points w/ the wife who is normally very wary of big speakers cluttering up the living space.

Quick thought for those looking at the complete home theater systems… they’re not COMPLETE! Don’t forget: you need a receiver. My mind just randomly assumed there was one there until I tried to take a peak at the receiver specs and realized there was none. These speakers won’t work without one!

Would the LCR’s work as rear speakers? Maybe get 2 of the floors, the center, the LCR’s and the Baby Boomer? Would that work?

That’s kinda what I’m looking at, except I have the 9-element speaker bar. I’m anxiously awaiting this response.

Absolutely! That would be an excellent configuration. Plus, the SFITLCR250, CTR 350 and TWR 1050 are all timbre matched to each other and that means a perfectly seemless acoustic match. Baby Boomer will add significant bass depth.

Hello Arin with Pinnacle Speakers here. Checking our descriptions we do not see the terminology “COMPLETE”. We are a dedicated high end speaker manufacturer and we leave the electronics such as receivers to those companies who specialize in that. All better grade SPEAKER companies will almost never include receivers as part of their packages. Typically there are 2 routes. 1 is a high performance speaker configuration from a dedicated speaker company, (SUCH AS PINNACLE) and add the receiver of choice from a dedicated receiver/electronics company such as Onkyo, Denon, HK,Yamaha. Option # 2 is to buy a all in one with the receiver, but that is typically inclusive of lower level speakers. That is how the market is structured. So, these 5.1 Speaker systems are superior, and we have pre-selected the speakers for timbre matching and compatability. If you have a 5.1 receiver already, you do not need to buy one. If you want to you can choose from many fine options of receivers from companies who specialize in that. There you go!

Is the baby boomer preferable to the 225?

Thank you very much for your reply and comment. I suppose this “standby” mode is considered acceptable for long periods of time? You can just leave it always plugged in and rely on the standby mode for when you’re not using it?

Can you pair the front row PBAR 6200 with the ps sub 225? Is that a silly idea?

I’m not familiar with the ‘interconnect cable’ that comes with the sub or if the soundbar has any outputs.

The pair button on the soundbar would lead me to believe it’s bluetooth, but I don’t see anything like that in the specs.


I recently purchased the Yamaha RX-V773WA 7.2-Channel Receiver on a deal from amazon and have been looking for good speakers to go along with them. Would purchasing the MB9500+ as well as the LCR speakers create a well balanced 7.1 system?

I have the LCR’s as my rear spekers, along with the Baby Boomer, the TWR 1050’s for fronts, the BD500’s (not available in this woot) for sides, and the same center here for my home theater 7.1 system and it sounds amazing! Huge upgrade from the Onkyo Htib setup I had before.

I’m hoping the BD300 will come back around for sale, as the center channel still seems to be a bit lacking but overall I am very happy with my setup.

Any advice for a newbie on what to pick up here and/or what additional components I would need to buy? I am looking for something that would sound nice for home listening and could still put out volume for a party. I listen to a lot of electronic and ambient music. I’m not looking for the best, just something good. Should I just get the MB9500 speaker system or build something from individual components?

Thanks anyone, for how much I use speakers/enjoy listening to music I really wish I knew more about them.

Hi. The result of 2 SITTWR1050 + SFITCTR350 in the front would indeed be a considerable step up from the Speaker Bar. As good as the bar is, it is not able to reproduce the frequency range and depth and volume of the SFITTWR1050. SPEAKER BARS, even great ones, cannot replace acoustic attributes of well designed full range tower speakers. So, the choice is to either upgrade this system to the configuration you suggest, use the speaker BAR on another TV. Or, keep the speaker bar and add Baby Boomer for Subwoofer and SFITLCR as rears. So, your consideration is to upgrade the 3 front channels wil tower1050 and sfitctr 350. For the modest overall cost, and the ability to have a high quality Bar with another TV, we of course think it is a no brainer.