Pinnacle Speakers

May I start by saying how thrilled we are to have you here. We are such fans of your music and all of your records. I’m not speaking of yours personally, but the whole genre of the rock and roll.

Who has a Pinnacle speaker and would like to share how awesome (or not) they are?

Hello Everyone!

I’m Arin with Pinnacle’s customer service and support team. I report directly to one of the “brother-owners” of Pinnacle Speakers, Mickey Rothenberg. I’ve been with Pinnacle 7 of their 36 years and can assist with any questions.


You heard the guy, fire away! :slight_smile:

what are the physical dimensions of each of the speakers in the 9500 setup?

Here they are:
Center Channel: 11.75" W x 4.8" H x 6.9" D (with Grille, when laying horizontally)

Surround Channels: 4.8" W x 7.56" H x 6.75" D (with Grille)

Powered Subwoofer:13" W x 14.3" H x 14.5" D (with Amp & Grille & Isolation Cones)

Does the baby boomer sub have an LFE input?

Yes, the Baby Boomer has two inputs that are summed together to allow for LFE or stereo inputs. Our engineers designed the crossover to include a bypass switch to bypass the filters that are made redundant by filters in the receiver.

Pinnacle makes some good stuff. They produce better sound quality than Bose or other Wal*Mart brands and the Woot! prices on them are pretty nice.

I’ve long used Pinnacle center channels. Those I’ve used seem to emphasize high frequency more than most. They are pretty good though – a year ago, due to a misconfiguration, only my center channel was playing and I didn’t notice (from the other room) except for the lack of bass, which isn’t its job.

How much power is recommended for these systems?

Can I plug the 3 element center channel speaker into my TV on its own, or does it require a receiver/amplifier of some sort?

Depends on how many watts your TV is pushing out. My guess is that you definitely want to hook this up to an amp.

Any quality brand 5.1 receiver of 50 watts or more per channel will do a fine job…the more power in a receiver, actually the better.

It depends on the TV itself. If the TV has outputs for Center channel and the hook-up is for speaker wires than the TV can accept the Center. Otherwise, the Center channel would need to be hooked up directly to the center channel section of your receiver.

Surely you can set the bar a little higher than that.

Are you implying that Bose speakers are bad or just ok? I can’t speak for newer Bose systems but I have an old school 2.1 Bose setup (from the early 90’s or so) and they are still extremely solid speakers.

I also had a pair of Bose Reflecting Bookshelf Speakers that were good. I’ve never really heard anyone say of Bose speakers sounding bad.

So even if these Pinnacle speakers are just “good,” seems like there are some deals here. Maybe I would hope the sub woofer for $550.00 to be “really good.”

Is the Babyboomer’s 600 Watt RMS or peak?

Bought the 800w supersonic subwoofer a minute ago. Need the rest of my 5.1 speakers now - either in wall or freestanding. Prefer pinnacle. What would pair well? Any ideas? Thanks!

can this stuff get me laid?

Um, the specs on the SuperSonic dual 12" driver sub currently say:

Somehow I suspect you mean Hz, not kHz.

That having been said. I’m currently using an older HTD Level III sub, and it’s pretty good, but looking for an upgrade. The SuperSonic should have more power, and the price is favorable, but being rated 23 Hz (versus 22 Hz for the HTD), I’m not sure I’d be happy with it. Perhaps there’s just no getting around it and serious subs just have to cost serious money?