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So, how many speakers does one need for a proper home theater?

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Arin with Pinnacle Speakers here, and I’m available to answer any questions you may have on our products. Ask away…

I would like a sound bar, maybe a subwoofer also. 2 questions:

1). Do I need a receiver with both of those things, I would rather not have more devices.

2). Can you also play MP3 (ipod) player through the sound bar/woofer? Or is that impossible without a receiver.

Thanks a lot!

Would I need a sub-woofer to get good bass with the SFIT TWR 1050 ? I see that even sub-woofers like the Baby Boomer 600W Dual 8" Subwoofer have a 50Hz low, same as the TWR1050.

Yes, you would need a receiver for this set up.

The QP9 Wood is a passive speaker bar, meaning that it does need a receiver. The inputs on this bar are for speaker wire, center channel, left front and right front channels.

The input to accommodate an iPod or other media device will generally be on the receiver.

Does this soundbar offer an approximation of surround sound, or is it primarily for eliminating speaker clutter?

The primary purpose of this sound bar is to provide exceptional sound quality for your front left, front right and center channels. It is a high-end, premium performance piece.

It does not incorporate the illusion of surround sound. For real surround sound, we recommend picking up the pair of S-FIT LCR 250 as an ideal compliment to the front channels of the QP9 W.

The benefit of the all-in-one cabinet approach, commenly know as “speaker bar” was invented by Pinnacle in 2003. If properly designed acoustically, than an additional benefit is it reduces the need for 3 individual cabinets. This is a great space-saver and audiophile solution.

The bass on the S-FIT TWR 1050 is quite loud down to 50 hz, hence the -3 dB rating. At -6 dB its low frequency range is actually 39 Hz, but would not be as loud.

Having said that , the volume and depth of the overall bass will be significantly enhanced with the Baby Boomer as it’s low end frequency is ACTUALLY 23 Hz and with high output. Additionally, the Baby Boomer uses dual active 8" subwoofers providing both more bass depth and volume. We think the combination of S-FIT TWR 1050 and Baby Boomer is an excellent choice…Though the S-FIT TWR 1050 can stand alone as well.

So I would not need a receiver for the QP9, but if I wanted to add a sub I would? My HDTV has basic left right and spdf.

You would need a receiver for the QP9. This is not a standalone unit like some soundbars out there. You would wire up your Center, Left, and Right accordingly. You would need a 5.1 Receiver minimally to do this (they don’t make 3.1 receivers). From there, you would also run the LFE coax cable to the subwoofer, whatever brand/model it may be.

The advantage of this soundbar is the value and convenience of having all three front channels in the same place. I’ve been looking at soundbars from many different companies, and this is quite a good deal. Additionally, it looks like they publish reasonably accurate specs, no exaggeration here.

I had one of the original Pinnacle sound bars- it was awesome. The dual 8" sub is truly one of the best subs out there.

is this a QP9 or a 3509 speaker bar… the specs on this woot match the 3509…not the QP9. please clarify for us

I’m considering the S-FIT TWR 1050 tower speakers. I see that they are discontinued. I can’t find much in the way of reviews. What Pinnacle speakers in the current line up do they compare with? Also if I pair them with a sub, would the single 8" be good enough?

Just pitching in 2¢ here…just got a Pinnacle SubSonic (6" version of the Baby Boomer, as far as I know) – absolutely astonishing little thing. I imagine the Baby Boomer would be even louder and deeper (But I’m more than thrilled with the SubSonic for my application). This company isn’t flashy, but their stuff is solid solid solid.

the sound bar seems to be still quite pricy, can I put the 5 element floor speaker sideways and have it perform the same purpose?

I do see it missing some of the elements of the soundbar, maybe those elements could be made up by some other speakers in the system?

ok, so I see how Pinnacle can call this a QP9, as their latest version in black mdf has the same speaker elements as the 3509. However Pinnacle seems to have two sets of QP9s, as their original QP9s (in piano black and aluminum) seemed to have higher end elements…seems a little odd

Correct, we are selling and show the specs for the Q9 Wood version. The specs are similar to the 3509.

Here’s the Pinnacle page for this item.

I’m assuming that the price for the Pinnacle S FIT TWR 1050 is $149.00 each, or $300.00 per stereo pair. Is that correct?

Yes, the price shown is per speaker.