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Hello Woot Community. This is Arin with Pinnacle Speakers customer support team leader. Please fire away with any questions you may have and I am sure I can assist. I have been here for 8 of Pinnacle’s 37 years am confident I can assist with most any question. I will certainly do my best.


How would the CTR 350 sound paired with the Anthony Gallo Nucleus Micro satellites? The application is primarily movie watching with some music.


The Gallo products use high quality small size drivers. So, we think our CTR 350 is a good match and certainly a small investment.


What type of wiring is used for the 5.1 Speaker Systems?

I see that it comes with some Monster Cable, but are these using classic speaker wire?

Thank you

We have indeed included a generous 50 feet of high-quality Monster Cable brand speaker wire with both the MB 9500+ and MB 11500+ systems. However, you may use whatever speaker wire you choose.

Does the 5.1 Channel 700W Audiophile Home Theater System MB9500+ come with any sort of receiver or do I need to purchase that extra?

I can say that these speakers are some of the best I have ever owned. I have them both in ceiling in my room and floor standing 5.1 in the wife’s “Mommy Cave”. These speakers are well made and feel solid with a great sound.

Are there any pictures of the back of the 2.1/soundbar setup? I’d like to get a look at the connection points.

The systems will need a receiver. They are 5.1 speaker packages include Monster Cable wire.

We do not have rear connection photos on our site, but here is all we do have. It is an easy plug-n-play using optical in cables from SOUNDBAR directly to TV, which we supply

For anyone else who wants details on the connections, the manual available at the link above has more info. In short, there are 4 inputs (1 optical, 3 1/8" Stereo), and an input selector on the control panel.

I bought a samsung soundbar once that claimed 280w. Was pretty good until I tried using it for dance at a party. Just couldn’t get it loud enough… Worried this soundbar will be the same…

Just bought the 9500+. What would you recommend for a receiver?

Picked up a Baby Boomer last time around and am very happy with it… Now 20.00 cheaper an even better deal.

Hi, Arin with Pinnacle here. The purpose of a SOUNDBAR, including ours is to dramatically improve the sound quality from todays super thin and “ACOUSTICALLY CHALLENGED” TV’s. Todays TV’s are not designed nor do they deliver any serious high fidelity sound. The SOUNDBAR category of product, including ours are designed to replace and improve upon the lost sound from the new TV’s, depending on the quality of the SOUNDBAR. However, they are not designed for loud music playing at parties. For normal TV or music watching it adds a dimension of sound that has been eliminated due to the ultra thin TV format. If your plans include party volume music, the better choice is a home theater system, which by design is for both movies, music and in our case, designed for more aggressive listening when needed So, we suggest MB 9500+ or MB 11500+

To recap, dramatic TV sound improvement, go with SOUNDBAR, even better go with SOUNDBAR+SUBWOOFER FRONTROWSYS8210),

For high performance caliber of music and movies with strong volume capability would require a Home Theater system such as MB9500+ or MB11500+.

SFITTWR 1050, SFITCTR 350 and PSSUB 225 would deliver the best acoustic performance for music especially at louder volumes. So it all depends on what your uses are.

I hope this helps

WE can recommend some good guidelines for you. Our engineers find the following brands are consistantly good (in no particular order): Yamaha,Harmon Kardon,Pioneer, especially at their higher end and ONKYO and Onkyo Integra. Electronic manufacturers change models typically every year and we do not do individual model tests. As to watts and THD (total harmonic distortion, these are the 2 most important specs. NOT JUST WATTS!!!..With our systems any 50 waat/channel or greater with a THD spec of no greater than .09% is fine.

From there, the lower the THD spec the better. along with the higher wattage. So 50 watts/channel at .09 THD is not as good as 50 watts at .05THD…But 100 watts at .05THD is better still. BE certain to check that THD spec and at 8 ohms

Would this system work in an A-Frame home, 2-story, very open floor plan with 20-22 ft. highest point ceiling.

Hi Arin, thank you for your time. What are your thoughts on the MB9500+ for a set of computer speakers. I have an older Harman Kardon reciever that I could use for a 5.1 setup. Didn’t know if these speakers were magnetically shielded or if they would be good for gaming. I should have a big enough computer room for the setup.

Hi, great question. When there are cathedral ceilings the overall volume of the room space increase tremendously. So, the better system for the large ceilings uses the 12" subwoofer,MB11500+. In that system the 12" subwoofer (which is is in fact model PSSUB 225) is designed to play louder and fill large areas. Another way to go in a large area room is:
SFITTWR1050 front channels
SFITCTR 350 Center channel
Sfitlcr250 Rear Channel
PSSUB 225 Powered subwoofer