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Hello Woot Community. Arin with Pinnacle Speakers customer Support Team Leader here to answer any and all questions about Pinnacle and these products. I have been working here for 8 of the 37 years so I am confident I can handle most any question. And if I do not know, I have engineers available to assist me. If you are new to Pinnacle or (under 37 years old LOL), we are a USA based family owned and operated company. We are known for superior performing products and great customer service, the old fashioned way. No question is a bad question, we are here to assist.


Can the SuperSonic subwoofer be adapted to support European/British voltages? Thanks!

I bought the Pinnacle Front Row Sys 8210 2.1-channel system a few weeks back, and it has astonishingly good sound for the size & price. Watching movies in my bedroom is a completely different experience now! I couldn’t be happier, and I highly recommend this system for anyone wanting better sound without breaking the bank.

Yes, a simple Adapter for 22-230V is all you need, it is inexpensive. If you purchase the unit, send us an EMAIL at customer support address and we may be able to send you on for Free.



I have the S-FIT 1050 towers along with the S-FIT 350 Center and are very pleased. The towers don’t have a ton of bass by themselves and a sub with them is needed. I have heard pretty good things about their subs. (I know the S-FIT towers are not available now but wanted to comment on their speakers.)

I was a little less than impressed initially (I think bc I had really high expectations) but after buying a better receiver they really opened up. The service from Arin was top notch and the quality of the speakers are high end.

I recommend Pinnacle Speakers.


I’m interested in either the Baby Boomer or Supersonic subwoofer. For now the sub will be used in a desktop setup in a smallish bedroom and paired with a pair of Audioengine A5+ powered speakers. In a month or two, when I move back home from travelling for work, the sub will move into my home theater setup, which consists of a Pioneer AV receiver and PSB Image 2B fronts, the matching PSB Image center, and a pair of KEF coda surrounds. The PSB’s all have 6.5" mid-bass drivers and do pretty well down to around 50ish Hz.

My use is probably 60/40 music/movies and I prefer tight, accurate and articulate bass to boomy and very loud output.

Do you have a recommendation between these two? I know for twice the price it might be kind of hard to compare…

I am also considering a pair of the Baby Boomers! How would a pair of BB’s compare (output and SQ wise) to a single Supersonic, given they’re about the same cost?

Thanks in advance!

Hi, this is a decision partly dependent on room size. If your room has cathedral ceilings 12’+ I think the SUPERSONIC is the right choice. 6.5" drivers mated to dual 12" is a good match. If you had 5" drivers than the Baby Boomer hands down would be the best choice. Now, 2 Baby Boomers or 1 Supersonic? 2 Baby Boomers would be my pick, but it is close. If you want LOUD bass, the SUPERSONIC will play a lot louder than Baby Boomer. But I am talking concert level volume. It’s a close call, but because you have 2 locations, location # 1 is better for the smaller footprint. 2 baby Boomers is my vote.

I appreciate the advice. That’s kind of the way I was leaning anyway, so I pulled the trigger on a Baby Boomer and I’m excited to get it! If I like it as much as I think I will then I’ll consider adding a second one down the road. I just hope you Pinnacle guys keep having these sales at Woot!!

Thank you for your trust. You will be amazed, we are sure of it!

On Amazon the 3 element LCR pair = $69.98 >

[MOD: Actually, that’s a single speaker. We are selling a pair.]

Correct! WOOT has a special PAIR configuration at pricing well below 2 individual units. This is a WOOT exclusive.

What is the difference between Pinnacle Speakers FRONT ROW SYS 8210 - 350W 2.1-Channel Powered Soundbar & Dual Driver Wireless Subwoofer System and Pinnacle PBAR 2.1 SYS 72-320 2.1-Channel System with Powered Soundbar and Wireless Subwoofer? I already have 4 B&W wall speakers, a 9.2 channel Pioneer receiver and a Samsung 65"HDTV. Do I hook these units up to the television or the receiver for optimal sound. The room that the system is in has very high ceilings and I am open to any suggestions that you may have.

Thank you.

I believe their is a slightly larger power supply on item @ Amazon. Performance is not audibly different. his item is to enhance and replace the Horrible Acoustics of todays super thin flat panel TV’s. It hooks directly to the TV and is a snap to hook up. Mind you, this is not a full home theater system. It is an excellent music system or significant upgrade to the TV sound, which as I said, is pretty close to non-existant on the new super thin panels.

Hi, being less than savvy I’m having a hard time figuring out whether I’d be able to use these. What kind of input does the system use?

Arin, the first poster thinks the amazon price of $70 is for a pair of the LCRs. The link provided to Amazon for $70 is for one speaker. This sale is $85 for TWO lcrs. which, btw, are fine little deals. I own 6 in the house. They match great (timbre matched in sound, and the wood grain finish too) as rears and sides with the TWR1050s seen on woot often (but not today). Through in the LCR center and its a fine, fine, fine system that will last 20 years or more. I matched the babyboomer with mine and thinking about it make me want to cry and go and hold them for a little while.

Hi, Arin with Pinnacle Speakers here to help. We have 2 systems in this promo, I will break each one down for you. Model MB9500+ is a complete Home Theater System with front, center, rear channels and Powered Subwoofer. And we even include high caliper Monster Cable wire. This system requires an Audio Receiver, 5.1 format , or 7.1. It is designed to provide an outstanding home theater and music system in tiny footprint sized cabinets. Hook-up is with speaker wires direct to the audio receiver, probably what you have done for years. The other System is Model FRONTROWSYS8210 and this product is specifically designed for a music and TV sound system. Hook-up is a snap. 1 cable direct to the TV hooks up the Soundbar. Wireless powered subwoofer just needs a wall socket. So, if you want a sensational music and TV sound system, but not a complete home theater, this is the choice. Additionally, it is designed to mate with current and recent super thin flat screen TV’s all of which have virtually no acoustic value. Their focus is on superb picture quality in super thin cabinets. In order to do that, they have essentially stripped out all audio capability. I hope this clarifies the options for you.

YES! Again, THIS WOOT PROMO HAS 1 PAIR (2)Model SFITLCR250 for 40% Less than the lowest price you can find…AND WOOT $5.00 ship program saves even more money. Sorry to be screaming, but honestly, this is a no brainer!

Are these speakers made in USA?

Most of them are assembled in our factory in NY.