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So, I picked up the MB11500+ set one or two sales ago, and so far am loving them.

That being said, I was pondering adding the QP-9 Soundbar as a Center Channel, as well as Front Right & Front Left channel. This would make what I have now into a 7.1 setup. I’m running a Sony STR-DN840 as a receiver.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Can someone set me straight on what kind of speaker wires the Pinnacle Speaker S-FIT TWR 1050 5-Element Floor Speaker use?

Arin from Pinnacle is out today (who allowed this?!?!). I have this information from Pinnacle though:

SFIT TWR 1050 is best with 14 or 16 gauge speaker wire. Monster Cable is fine. If the run is longer than 30’ than definately go with 14 gauge wire.

Once a year we have to let Arin get a day off! This is Mickey, and I happen to be one of the owners here. So nstead of golfing I will fill in for Arin. I will do my best. For those of you not familiar or new to the Pinnacle Woot forum, Pinnacle is owned by myself and my 2 brothers, and we are celebrating our 37th year. Only Bose has been an independently owned and operated Speaker company longer than Pinnacle. We excel at first rate products often at superb values. We are known and respected throughout the audio industry. So, Woot Community, fire away with any and all questions.

I think you may have pondered this on one of the prior Woot forums. The QPW would be fine to replace the front 3 channels you currently have and rotating 2 of the existing front channel speakers to side for 7.1 is fine. Of course the Qp9W does not have that Piano laquer finish, but acoustically it is extremely compatible with what you have now.

Is the 225 watts RMS or PMO? Other than being a fourth order enclosure, is there a crossover and if yes, @ what Hz?

Hi, this has RMS @ 150, Peak is 225. Crossover is variable from 50Hz-150Hz on the subwoofer. Maximum SPL is quite high. I believe around 113Db. That means it plays real loud or can be used to fill up a larger room.

Hi Mickey! Thanks for joining us to answer questions.

please don’t use four-letter words like that on this forum. ( ;

Hi Mickey!

Let me start off by saying that Arin is always a great help. I have the S-FIT towers and 350 center and am very pleased with them.

Anyway, I know the BD500s pop up every now and then and I plan on picking up a pair the next time around. My question though is if you guys ever plan on having any of the Black Diamond towers for sale through I’d love to see them here.



I replaced a couple of blown Yamaha speakers with the S-Fit side & center channel speakers. First of all, the speakers are MASSIVE. Make sure you have an adequate mount (I snapped a 10# rated mount - moved on to Monoprice’s 33# mounts which are awesome). Despite their size, they are FANTASTIC! The price on these does not reflect the high-quality sound you get out of them. I could not recommend more!

Good morning Woot Forum. This is Arin with Pinnacle and I appreciate all the kind remarks about me, our company and our products. I am TEAM LEADER for customer support and service, so please ask any and all questions.

We do expect BD 500 to be back a little later in the year. I am not aware of all the items that may become available to WOOT so best to check each time. These flash sales come up and we never know exactly what we have for WOOT. I will put in a request for BD series Towers.

Am I correct in assuming that you have to hook up to a decoder/receiver to use all 3 channels? If I were to hook this up to my TV out or cable box (it’s a guest room) can all 3 sets of speakers be used without splitting the cables outside the unit?

Hi Mcguffy. If you are referring to QP9W you will need to hook that up to an audio 5.1 (or 7.1) receiver and it represents all 3 front channels in the 1 cabinet. I think that is what you mean. If you want a large audio improvement to a flat panel TV, then consider the SOUNDBAR Frontrow6200 or SOUNDBAR with Wireless Sub FRONTROW8210 and both of those items hook DIRECT to the TV with a simple cable (included)

Hi Woot. Arin with Pinnacle here to make a few system option recommendations and to clarify the difference in SPEAKERBAR QP9W and SOUNDBARS FRONTROW6200/FRONTROWSYS8210. Many of you have had questions and I hope to provide some good guidance.


These are 2 different items. A SPEAKERBAR (which we invented in 2003) is for a home theater system. It is 1 cabinet that houses all 3 front channel speakers, Front Left, Front Right and Center Channel. It is a huge space saver. A SPEAKERBAR does not have it’s own power supply and hooks up to an adio 5.1 or 7.1 receiver. Traditional speaker wire hook-up. It is best for use as part of a home theater system, you would use it with a Powered subwoofer and rear channel.

SOUNDBAR: This is a relatively new industry category driven by the need to replace the now non-existent audio sound from the new generation SUPER FLAT SCREEN TV’s. These newer sets are gorgeous. But, their super thin profile is at the expense of any meaningful acoustics. So, a SOUNDBAR is needed to replace and in our case, significantly upgrade the sound you normally expected from the TV. a SOUNDBAR is a powered speaker with it’s own amplifer, therefore no audio receiver is needed. It hooks up really easy with 1 cable direct to the TV itself. A SOUNDBAR is not HOME THEATER. It is a 2 channel approach. Front Left and Front Right, but not a center channel. However, when added to the flat panel it will give you a great soundstage for normal TV watching. It has no real bass. So, to take the SOUNDBAR to another acoustic level add a subwoofer. We provide that in a wireless lformat in FRONTROWSYS 8210. So, to recap, HOME THEATER set ups with center and front channels should go with QP9W, add rear channel and a powered subwoofer. TV sound System with easy Plug AND PLAY set up is SOUNDBAR Front Row 6210 or for meaningful bass, go to FRONTROWSYS8210 which includes a SOUNDBAR and wirelss powered subwoofer.

I will post recommendations fro specific home theater configurations in another post. I hope this helps you all out.

Home Theater System Recommendations:

Hi, Arin here again to assist with a # of excellent home theater configurations you can create from the items in this promo:


FRONT CHANNELS QP9W: Space saving all in 1 Speakerbar QP9W is the front left/right and center channel all in 1 enclosure.

REAR CHANNELS 1 pair SFITLCR 250 Rear Channel. Acoustically matched to the QP9W.

SIDE CHANNEL (For 7.1 configuration) add another pair of SFITLCR 250 and can hang vertically or horizontally with hardware in place in rear of cabinet.

BABY BOOMER: if you listen to 50% or more music and the rest movies, BABY BOOMER is an exceptionally musical subwoofer. Perfect for rooms 340 (20 X 17) or smaller

PSSUB 225: if the purpose is more than 50% music listening or your room is larger than 20’ x 17’ (or if you have cathedral ceilings, this subwoofer is the better choice cause it plays louder for larger areas.

SUPERSONIC is probably too much subwoofer for the above components.


FRONT SPEAKERS: 2 (1 pair)SFIT TWR 1050: An exceptional full range small footprint tower design exceptionally detailed and accurate for music playing. Perfect for front speakers in a home theater system.

PArt of the same series mates perfectly to SFITTW 1050


If you have the money for a $2,000 subwoofer at only $549, grab this sub. It is a flagship piece from Pinnacle. As a side note, our President, RICH R, is an audiophile and drummer, he knows bass. This sub is exceptional in all respects and will provide such a level of bass depth, volume and clarity to your home theater system, it is hard for us at Pinnacle to imagine not taking advantage of this deal. However, finances being a consideration, the next best subwoofer choice is:

BABY BOOMER: The best small footprint subwoofer on the market below $1,000. We cannot emphasize enough just how powerful this offer is @ only $279.99. Dealer cost on BABY BOOMER. We have removed it from Dealers who prefer to save a few hundred and buy when WOOT has a promo. We are in the business. This is truly a $1,000 suboofer with a tremendous amount of technology to derive so much bass in a small footprint. Woot buys huge volume and we have this as a loss leader. I have the BABY BOOMER in my house and it is a remarkable music and Home theater sub. So, with SFITTWR 1050 as front, BABY BOOMER is your best choice if the SUPERSONIC exceeds your price range or if space is an issue.

Finally, PSSUB 225:

Us ethis product with SFITTWR 1050 if the room size exceeds 350 square feet and you want a loud subwoofer. It plays loud, not as deep as Baby boomer. Again, at this WOOT loss leader pricing it should be a no brainer for college students, bedrooms, gamers especially, or the above home theater configuration.

REAR: SFIT LCR 250 1 pair for 5.1, 2 pair for 7.1

Taken together all the above options are exceedingly excellent. It depends on the size room, size of your budget, and whether you want a HOME THEATER SYSTem or a upgrade to a flat panel TV sound.

I hope this guide helps many of you make your decisions.

Arin, Pinnacle Speakers TEAM LEADER

My home theater is a mish mash of equipment and I’m not sure where to start. Here’s what I’ve got:
Onkyo TX-SR605
Main: Radioshack LX5’s (4" woofer, that weird linaeum dipole tweeter on top)
Center: Leftover center from an older Onkyo HTIB
Rear: Leftover rear speakers from the old Onkyo HTIB
Subwoofer: Leftover 6 or 8" powered sub from Onkyo HTIB

If I could replace one set of speakers, what would get me the most bang for my buck? Primary use is TV and movies. The center seems to be the most terrible of the primary speakers so I was leaning towards that. On the other hand I could really blow some cash and get a pair of the towers and replace the mains and supplement the crappy subwoofer I have. I’d still be left with a terrible center though. Opinions?

Hi. We think the best move for you is to replace the 3 front channels and get QP9W. Then you would have a superb front and center channel all in 1 cabinet. From there, next priority is a real powered subwoofer. Since budget is a factor, if you can extend to pick up PSSUB 250 you will have an absolutely night and day improvement for a little more than $300. The SFITTWR1050 and SFITCTR 350 is another excellent a[proach for similar cost. In that case, your subwoofer expense can wait as the Towers do have considerable bass on their own.

These are our 2 suggestions for you at the most economical cost.