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I have a question about the Q P 9 Wood 9-Element Speaker Bar. Is this soundbar powered on its own or so I can connect it directly to the TV or does it need a reciever to power it?

It needs a separate receiver. Think of it as your left, center & right speakers, only in a single narrow package

I replaced my center channel and bookshelf speakers with Pinnacle and couldn’t be happier. My system sounds like I paid a LOT more. These speakers are well made and sound amazing. Just check the sizing and weight before choosing mounting options (I’m partial to the 33# rated Monoprice mounts).

Good Morning. This is Arin with Pinnacle Speakers, TEAM LEADER for COnsumer customer support. I have been with this wonderful 37 year old family owned and operated company for 8 years. I am here to assist with any and all questions. If I do not know, I have an engineer available to get me additional information, but I can handle most all questions.

The QP9W PWRBR is the one that hooks direct to the tv without needing an audio receiver. It is our top of the the line SOUNNBAR.

Qp9W standard version does need a receiver with traditional speaker wires.

Hi, Arin with Pinnacle here. This event has 2 different models:

QP9WPWBR: Our top of the line SOUNDBAR with built in amplifier it hooks directly to the TV. One simple cable direct from SOUNDBAR to TV and hook up is done. It also includes it’s own remote control.

NOTE SPECIAL FEATURE: it includes a sub-out so you can also add a separate high performance powered subwoofer if you want.

QP9W is a superb SPEAKERBAR for home theater front left, front right and center channel and hooks to the audio receiver with speaker wire .

The QP9WPWBR is not listed on your website. Is it actually the Front Row PBar 7500? Also no specs for pwr etc on the 7500.

I bought the 6200 last woot deal and I have to say it is really nice. You turn on the tv, ok, and then you turn on the soundbar and wow - really nice full sound. I have a 55" Panasonic plasma. My son was visiting and very impressed. Now I know my super tech audio friends would probably not be thrilled but nothing really satisfies them, you know? Plus I can understand those British shows on Acorn that don’t have cc. Well, most of them.

Hi, a special hello to MR Vanehaven who we see just purchased another Pinnacle Speaker for his collection! Enjoy and be amazed with your new top of the line SOUNDBAR, QP9W PWRBR. Thank you for all your support and loyalty. Arin, Pinnacle Speakers, Customer Support Team leader

Hi QP9W PWRBR is not yet on the site. The WOOT details are accurate to what will be on our site.

I bought the pb6200 soundbar and it has the most flat terrible sound I have ever heard. The TV speakers are actually better.

I’ve never used this particular soundbar, but in my experience shopping around, it seems that most sound bars have the problem of falling short of the performance of quality passive speakers hooked up to a seperate reciever and/or amp. As I was shopping for a simple home theater solution about a month ago, I read many reviews on a buch of different sound bars and it sounded to me like most people were using them to boost sound quality of their TV in a bedroom or small living room (since these devices, by nature, aren’t typically as powerful as a full system). This led me to instead buy the Pinnacle towers/floor-standing speakers from a previous woot and I have them amplified and hooked up in a 2.1 configuration in my living room. They sound awesome! I never tried the bookshelf model, but I’d imagine they would do the trick just fine too if you don’t have the space for towers.

Bottom line, if you want nice full, beefy sound, a soundbar (from any brand) might not be for you, but still look into some of the other offerings from Pinnacle here, they are a great deal for a really nice sounding speaker.

Also of note, these speakers, from what I gather, are typically sold to professional installers (you can’t find them in brick and mortar stores like Best Buy), so the reviews can be harder to find. Looking back to previous Woot sales was one way that I was able to feel a little more educated before I ordered.

Hi, Arin with Pinnacle Speakers to join in. SOUNDBARS are a relatively new category specifically designed AND NEEDED to replace and improve the lack of any acoustics from todays SUPER THIN 1"-2" deep TV.s. So, if you have an older set,the TV acoustics may already be as good as a low cost SOUNDBAR. But, if you have a recent TV model, our SOUNDBARS will dramatically improve over the TV. Adding a subwoofer delivers the bass and body you will definitely hear. A SOUNDBAR is an accessory to a TV. It is not a home theater system. Having said that, we have 2 SOUNDBARS:

FRONTROWPBAR6200: for Super flat TV’s best for sets less than 2 years old.

QP9W PWRBR: Our Newest Top of The Line SOUNDBAR and Best in class for superior performance from today’s or older TV’s

ADD BASS: Pick up FRONTROWSYS8210, or QP9W PWRBR + any of our powered subwoofers,


Pinnacle Speakers are generally sold to the trade, Custom installers and Industry PROS who know quality. Some of our products best tailored for do-it your self approaches are available to the general public here @ WOOT at extreme bargains!

I can definitely agree with Arin’s comments regarding ultra thin TVs…we have a larger Vizio that has passable sound quality, but we also have one of the smaller Vizio “Razor” LED TVs that’s like an inch thick and its speakers are worse than my cell phones speakers…that TV could definitely benefit from a soundbar.

Anyway, hopefully my last post didn’t seem negative in any way…I absolutely LOVE my Pinnacle tower speakers that I bought on Woot. They truly do sound wonderful (and look great too). I’ve been showing them off to everyone who comes over for the past few weeks that I’ve had them and everyone is impressed :slight_smile:

Hello, everyone! I just wanted to pipe in that I had bought the MB9500+ during one of the previous events. I have mine powered by a Harmon Kardon 1650 5.1 receiver. It’s been set up for a while, and I have to say - it’s amazing.

I have some (edit: They’re Infinity, but hey, HK is Infinity) Kappa (3-way) speakers in my car, Bose headphones, Audio Technica ATH-M50s, and the [well, I can’t remember the name] system that my cousin has at his house (as a reference). I honestly feel that the set blew them all out of the water, and that this was the best deal you could get for the price.

Hello Arin!

the qp9 at $139 is too good to pass up. I bought two at $219 and they were worth it then, so with this price drop I had to have it.

the qp9w will be a treat to play with. I’m very excited to be able to get this.

It brings the total to 39 Pinnacles. sadly, none of those are BD2500s…

My 9 year old htib just bit the dust so I can justify an upgrade. Pulled the trigger on 2 S-FIT TWR 1050s, 3 S-FIT CTR 350s and 1 Baby Boomer. Reckon I can use the 350s as L/R speakers until the towers come up again, then I can use them in zone 2.

I have 4 twr1050s in my main system with the sfit ctr350. the only difference is that for the other two I use the sfit lcr250s. a pair of those come up on woot for $85 (get em with your next twrs).

If you need then immediately, pm me, I can help. the 350s would sound great, but look … ehh. and you can get an even better Pinnacle deal.

the four twrs in the main system is art. :slight_smile: