Pinnacle Speakers

Dear Arin,
Still awaiting for Pinnacle’s top-of-the-line products such as BD650II, BD 2000II :slight_smile:

Damn. Only one of the Centers. I was hoping to upgrade. Love my Pinnacles!

Man, can you please stop lowering the price of that soundbar?! Making feel like a total sucker for buying it when introduced last year.

I feel your pain. I paid $178 for the QP 9 Wood 9-Element Speaker Bar about 90 days ago.

I bought two at $219…

Worst sound bar ever. Flat distorted sound. Terribly disappointing. Not worth $25 let alone $100.

Like I said last time, look at the specs on the unit. It’s going to sound about how TV’s with real speakers used to sound. The price is fair for what you are getting. You will pay that much for an ihome at walmart. I just think they should advertise it differently, so people don’t think they’re getting a home theater for $99.

Agreed, I hope they surprise the Pinnacle faithful with a new offering on Woot at some point. I click the Pinnacle link every time I see it hoping to see something that hasn’t been on here two dozen times already.

Hi and good morning. Many others have asked so we will look at this.


Hi, we are taking a look as many have requested this.

Good morning Woot Community. To so many of you who already know me and to all new to Pinnacle forum events, I am TEAM LEADER at Pinnacle for consumer division support and am monitoring the forum to assist in answering any and all questions. Pinnacle is celebrating it’s 37th year as a family owned and operated USA based company. We are known throughout the audio industry for decades of superior quality audio/home theater speakers. These Woot Promos are Exclusive and designed to make your purchase selections “NO BRAINERS”
I have been here 8 years and will do my best to answer your question. If you need guidance on combinations of our product for HOME THEATER or MUSIC I can assist.


PS> no question is a “DUMB” question.

Thoughts from purchasing the soundbar with wireless subwoofer last time they were available (so this is not a long term review):

Sound - I’m no expert, but I have found the sound to be good overall.

Problem - My system is suffering two problems that occur whether I am using the remote or the front panel of the system itself:

  1. Sometimes, when I change the volume, the sound cuts out completely (the bar is still on and responsive - it indicates the volume is changing, but nothing happens), and it only comes back after shutting it off several times, or even removing the power supply

  2. Sometimes, when I change something else - input or mode (i.e. movie to music), the bar becomes completely unresponsive - it will no longer respond to inputs from the remote or the front panel. The only way I have found to fix the problem is to unplug the power supply.

I contacted Pinnacle, and they said to send in the remote and power supply for warranty service. I just did that, so I can’t say yet whether that will fix the problems, but I’m certainly not pleased with having to pay to ship in parts of a product that was malfunctioning within a couple of days of purchase. I’m also not entirely confident that these problems can be addressed by the parts I shipped in, but I’m willing to wait and see.

Hi, Model FRONTROWPBAR6200 is designed for recent model super thin flat panel TV’s as a SOUNDBAR. It is going to signifcantly improve the sound quality over what the TV has, (in most all cases.) Super thin 1-2" panels have virtually no acoustic quality. We say on our site, SOUNDBARS for best performance should be mated to a powered subwoofer. For a more significant result consider FRONTROWSYS8210 which includes a Wireless powered subwoofer.

We do not promote the frontrowPBAR6200 as a full home theater or audio experience.

If you want that, consider step up QP9W PWRBR with BABY BOOMER or any of our Powered Subwoofers > or select a complete 5 piece Home theater combination.

I think lorenzodemedici is reasonably on target here,( sans the analogy to other goods at another re-seller)

What is the RMS, or continuous, wattage for the baby boomer 600 Watt subwoofer?

Hi, RMS is 300, Peak is 600

Hi, RMS is 300, Peak is 600. We feel the most important aspect of the BABY BOOMER is that it uses 2 very heavy duty drivers in a sealed enclosure, so by design it requires a high powered amplifier to derive the bass it creates. If, for example, this were a ported (vented) design, the power required to move the bass drivers would be less. But, our design goal was specifically great deep bass in a small footprint.

We design products based on achieving a certain acoustic goal or result. The amp power in the case of Baby Boomer is what is needed to derive the outstanding bass volume and bass depth in a very tiny cabinet. That is the magic of our BABY BOOMER> Small footprint and remarkably deep bass!

We think this person’s review on our PSSUB 225 could be helpful. At the time, we estimate including freight of $30, he paid about $280.

At this time, all PSSUB 225 use heavy heavy duty thick rubber feet for compatible placement on any surface.

This will be my second sub which will be matched with a ported Klipsch that does really good with high bass frequencies but is less than desirable on the low end due to a large amount of distortion.

Looks like I’m going to be in for one, unless you plan on selling the sonic or supersonic sometime soon on woot.

Isn’t the supersonic on sale as the Dual 12" 800W sub?