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Good morning Woot Forum and a special thank you to all our Veterans today.
This is Arin with Pinnacle Speakers, TEAM LEADER for consumer product division and I am here monitoring this event to assist with any and all questions about our products. Pinnacle Speakers is a family owned and operated company celebrating year # 38. Started in 1976 by 3 brothers who still come in and work and run the company every day. Their mission is to provide first in class performance at superior consumer value. The industry recognizes Pinnacle as a major and respected player in the mid-high end market. I have been here for 9 years now, so chances are pretty good I can answer your question, but if I do not know, I have access to a senior engineer and one of the owners. Finally, we understand consumer electronics is a very fast moving and progressive field, so there are no “DUMB” questions. Please feel comfortable to ask.

Thanks, ARIN

I can’t find my original review because some forum issue but I felt it time I update the fine folks at Pinnacle. After your last recommendation, which was basically flip the polarity switch and try again, I’m happy to say the “boom” and bloat is gone and the Baby Boomer is now happily integrated into my family room system. This really is an amazing and flexible little sub. Thanks so much Pinnacle!

Loud, very flexible, should integrate well over a very wide range of systems, bass is good to excellent and fairly tight at lower and balanced volume levels. Can get a little sloppy at extreme volume levels. What I mean by “extreme” is having the volume up so high on the sub you end up overdriving it. I have the volume at just a tad over 1/4. The Baby Boomer becomes a mess at over 1/2 volume in my system. Your room/environment may be very different and allow for the volume knob to go higher so just know this thing has some power behind it. In my particular set-up I’m using 1/4 of that power. No reason why anyone shouldn’t be able to get the Baby Boomer, when properly integrated, to disappear and stay there even at louder listening levels. Just don’t over extend the low-end and your ears will be happy. Would recommend for any kind of music unless you take the left hand of the EQ and push it all the way up. In that case, you’re probably going to overdrive this thing. Would recommend for movies at moderate volume levels but don’t expect to shake the couch. Couch shaking requires far more air movement (bigger drivers) than the Baby Boomer has.

So here is the summary:
In July I bought the Baby Boomer.
Initial set-up was OK.
After some time there was a bit of a bloated boominess I wasn’t happy with.
Reached out to Pinnacle here on Woot who recommended I play with polarity a bit.
That solved my problem and now I highly recommend the Baby Boomer which is happily integrated into my family room set-up.

Hi, many people will be helped by your information. We want to point out that the “GAIN” or rate by which our volume control increases is calibrated to be sensitive. So, pushing our volume control up will increase the volume and power supplied more rapidly than other subs. We do this to maximize compatibility with many situations. However, once you turn our amplifier volume to a comfortable level, use any additional volume needed by turning up the volume on your receiver instead of the BABY BOOMER. ARIN

Pinnacle Speakers Front Row PBAR 6200 175W Soundbar
Any chance this can be connected via USB? Looking to buy as a gift, but inlaws dont have optical digital or HDMI on their tv. It looks like there are RCA cables in the picture as well, but we all know woot pictures arent always what we woot.

I know it can be connected to a laptop or personal computer. Specific USB port I have to ask an engineer.
Stay tuned.

Unless you other WOOTERS out there have the answer

Purchased the 6200 during the last sale and all I can really say is… Meh. I really, really, really wanted to love it but the sound quality is just not there. I did not get the sub to go with it as I already have a full HT setup and my wife would think I was nuts for getting another sub (though now I desperately wish I had.) I just wanted better sound for day to day use. It is better than my tv speakers but not by much. I wanted a little more bass and got nothing really. When the sound processor is set to anything but TV it is cringeworthy. The power connection was a little finicky but once it’s in it stays in. I do have to say it looks very nice. I have heard a lot of good about Pinnacle and maybe I had my sights set too high. I don’t want to dissuade anyone from purchasing this by any means and I am not trying to knock the product at all. I love that Pinnacle is on Woot helping out too. I just wanted to get my review out there to help out if I can.

PBAR 6200 sounds like total crap.

Here is a review of the Super sonic 12" 800 watt sub.

I almost pulled the trigger on this sub but after reading this review I’m hesitant now.

Overall the review has good things to say but overheating issues seems to be a problem.

w00t deal on Pinnacle audio till June 11th | AVS Forum

Hi, we want you to be 100% satisfied. We will email you with some options.

That is very much appreciated. I will keep an eye out for the email.

Got my Q****P 9W PWRBAR soundbar, set it up this weekend, worked for 2 days, and now seems to be dead. Awesome quality.

Sorry for the problems. Pinnacle will be happy to help you with your speaker.

Just bought a QP9. Can anyone recommend a decent receiver?

Hi absolutely, we will send you a new one and take the other one back.

I will write directly to you for procedure.


Hi, as a dedicated speaker manufacturer we do not recommend specific model #'s from receiver manufacturer’s as they tend to offer new models fairly frequently and we do not test. However, we can say certain brands over time seem to consistently put out products our engineers like. Among the brands are Onkyo, Harmon Kardon, Yamaha and Pioneer. Your specific needs may or may not be met with selections from the above brands.

Hi Arin,

I finally was able to set up my QP 9W PWRBAR soundbar in my office and I’m wondering if I have something wrong - the bass is woefully absent. Before I plug in a sub, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t screwing anything up with set up. It should be just a plug and play, right? It should also have good responsive bass out of the gate (w/o a sub), right?

I own almost 40 pinnacle speakers and I’m in love with your company. You’ve always been responsive so I’m hoping you can help me with this one too.


Hi, we will write to you and get this worked out for you.



Hi John,

Thanks for the question. To a computer with a USB sound adapter,yes, that would work beautifully. The TV manufacturer/manual would hold the answer the question of a USB-to-TV connection.