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Good Morning Woot Community. Arin TEAM LEADER CONSUMER DIVISION with Pinnacle Speakers here to assist in answering any and all questions. As you may know from prior events, Pinnacle is a family owned and operated USA based company making superior performing speakers here in the good old USA since 1976. That’s nearly 40 years. I have been here for 9 years. Now, this event is special cause we have included our Flagship item, BD 2500 Piano Laquer, 2014 edition. Many of you have asked if you would have an opportunity to buy our most expensive and refined products and we all heard you. Louder than the maximum decibel level of some of our products. So here you go audiophiles and music/movie enthusiasts. The best of our best at exclusive WOOT pricing, and many other spectacular products.

As usual, I will be monitoring this event to assist in any and all questions to the best of my ability.


Is support only available by email or do you have a support phone number for service?

Hi. We have several levels of support depending on the situation. First, our web site includes all specs, product descriptions, download versions of owners manuals, hook up instructions and trouble shooting for resolving many problems. Additionally warranty procedures are on our site. All this information being there 24/7 satisfies 80%+ of any and all consumer questions or issues. The next level from there is to e-mail us the specific question you may have. We then traffic it internally. If we can answer you with an e-mail we will. We try to customize a response as much as is appropriate. If from there, it is deemed a conversation is needed we will supply you one of 2 phone #'s or we will contact you. We have technical staff available for complex issues and we have customer service people for those kinds of things. So, the answer to your question is multi-layered.


BD2500s. drool. Begin operation "convince the wife we need a $2500 pair of speakers. Yeah, I expect it wont go over well either. :slight_smile:

Love to see BD available. How about BD 650 II Arin? :slight_smile:

Well, actually they are $8,000/pair speakers WOOT priced at only $2798/pair. What’s to think about?

Tough crowd. How about BD 2500 2014 edition, BD 500 or BD 300?

[QUOTE=pinnaclespeakers, post:8, topic:403421]
Love to see BD available. How about BD 650 II Arin?

Mentioning BD 650ll, if you consider BD 500 + BABY BOOMER we think you would come pretty darned close to performance level of BD 650 ll. Stronger in the bass department, a bit less definition in midrange. Yet, smaller footprints and only $490 as opposed to $1500. Think it over.

Welcome back Arin,

I have a Pinnacle 5.1 setup consisting of a BD300 center, BD200 fronts, BD100 surrounds and a Baby Boomer. I have spent a little time dialing in the receiver settings for listening to music and although it sounds very good, I feel the low-mid range could use some improvement. Would replacing the BD200s with BD500s help matters without compromising the home theater experience? I’m thinking that increasing the Baby Boomer’s crossover frequency might help compensate for the BD200s smaller woofers. I haven’t had a chance to mess with this yet.


Hi and thanks for the question and your support of Pinnacle. With your configuration the BD 500 would indeed supply a meaningful improvement in the lower midrange and upper and lower bass as well.

Particularly with the front channel position. The “GAP” from Baby Boomer sub to BD 200 is a bit much to smoothly cover. Therefore, BD 500 with BABY BOOMER is an ideal match. Also, with BD 300 as the center, it will match up perfectly with BD 500. If you can, we suggest buying BD 500 and consider using 2 BD 200 as side channel speakers.

Pinnacle QP 9W PWRBAR vs 8210

Please list pros and cons of each.

Please confirm that both connects to your phone via bluetooth to play music, etc.

I’m on the fence Pinnacle QP 9W PWRBAR vs the 8210 with the wireless sub. I already have a powered sub that I guess I can use with the PWRBAR.


Hi. The QP9WPWRBR is our best SOUNDBAR. If you will hook up your own subwoofer, (without knowing what specific subwoofer you have)but assuming it has at least equal performance to the one in our systme 8210,then you would have a better performing combination. Model QP9WPWRB has a sub out so your powered subwoofer will easily hook up directly to the QP9WPRBR.

WOOTERS, consider this combination for a great 2.1 system: QP9WPWRB + any of our powered subwoofers.

As to remote, the QP9WPWRBR has it’s own remote, plus a remote learning feature that allows it to work off your TV’s remote.

CONS: your existing subwoofer is not wireless so you need to run a cable from the SOUNDBAR to the Sub. A minor consideration in our view.

So, bottom line we say, go for QP9WPWRBR and use the sub you have.

And yes, either product hooks to a smart phone, MP3 Player and of course the TV.

Hello Wooters,

Pinnacle recommends you consider model QP9WPWRBR as our highest end SOUNDBAR + any of our powered subwoofers for a great music/movie 2.1 system. QP9WPWRBR has a sub-out feature so it accepts any powered subwoofer. This is a terrific combination!

Impulse brain: “BUY BUY BUY! You know you want BD 2500s”
Logical brain: “You can’t spend $2,8000 on two speakers right now.”
Impulse brain: “Can’t or shouldn’t?”
Logical brain: (Checks bank accounts) “Well I guess I can easily afford them”
Impulse brain: “You know you deserve a nice gift to yourself.”
Logical brain: “How well would these fit in my current setup. Wait. I can’t spend $2800 on speakers right now.” …

Well at least I have 5 more days to figure out what I’m going to do. I know I should resist hitting that add to cart button but it is SOOOOoooo tempting.

Maybe I’ll just get a pair of those BD 500s.

Ouch, just looked at the soundboard wireless combo price I paid in August, $249. Looks like this deal is $50 cheaper. Should have waited…

Overall happy with the purchase. Guess I shouldn’t look at prices I paid in the past for technology.

I bought the Front Row PBAR 6200 175W Soundbar when it was offered about 6 months ago and I have to say it is so good, I just bought one for my son for Christmas. I really debated and debated on which one, etc and then somebody said - if you have a flat screen with poor audio (as most of them have) ANY soundbar will be an improvement. I like that I can understand most of the British shows now and when you turn it on, the sound for all programs is so much richer. Like a before and after!

Thanks Arin,
I think I will go with the QP9WPWRBR for my home system and pair it with my powered sub.

Another question, QP9WPWRBR vs 8210 for a vacation rental condo.

Which would you recommend for a condo? I was thinking about the QP9WPWRBR with out a sub or would I be better going with the 8210 with the sub?
I guess my question is how will the QP9WPWRBR sound without a sub?

HMMMM. Tough one. If push comes to shove I will use the logic that most all SOUNDBARS with Subwoofers, are better than SOUNDBAR without a sub. In this case you have a big step upo SOUNDBAR VS no sub option.

BUT and now we get to what I feel most comfortable with. For a rental property where you are not the user of the system, I think 1 product that hooks right to the TV is a more appropriate choice. And going with the QP9WPWRBR allows you later to add a sub when and if the vacation property is used for you and your family.

I would, in your situation, get the single QP9WPWRB cause you are starting off with the basics of a better system. Individually, it will not on it’s own have the bass result of FRONTROWSYS8210, but I still think that is a better choice here.

That is the best advise I can offer. Thanks for the question.

Currently, I am unable to add anything to my shopping cart on Woot.
(just spinning gears resulting in no product in cart.)

I seem destined to fail in my pursuit of additional Pinnacle products, though I want to take this opportunity to thank Pinnacle for offering more units than last round, giving me a better chance for success.

One question, How come the BD 500s do not say “Series II”?