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I’ve been in the market for a pair of tower speakers. I’m in for 2 of the S-FIT TWR 1050’s. Delivery estimate is a week from Friday, can’t wait to hook these up!

Hello Woot Community. This is Arin with Pinnacle Speakers USA, TEAM LEADER consumer divission here to assist in answering any questions you may have about system configurations, any of our products etc.

As many of you know, Pinnacle is a family held and operated company now the 2nd oldest independently owned and operated Speaker company in the USA. We are famous and highly respected for superior designs and performance in the Speaker Industry. All our engineers have a passion for music and all have at least 1 US patent. We are serious about product integrity and performance, and superior value. These are EXCLUSIVE to WOOT special no brainer deals. We have sold thousands of units with WOOt on these super special buy it now, snooze or lose type deals.

I will be monitoring this event throughout including Christmas Day to assist as best I can with your questions. I have been working for this fabulous company for 9 years and know quite a bit. I will have access to one of our engineers if something is technically beyond my knowledge. And finally, there are no “DUMB” questions. Feel free to ask.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Could I use QP9 speaker bar as a center speaker for a 5.1 system?

Looks like it might have multiple inputs for speaker wire.

The 9 Wood 9-Element Speaker Bar features state the speaker does NOT come with mounting bracket, yet the specifications say the product ships with the mounting bracket. Clarification please.

Hi and thanks
for the question. QP9W Speakerbar has inputs for front left, front right and center channel. It is an all in 1 3 channel SPEAKERBAR. Pinnacle invented this category in 2003.

Technically, you can hook up just the center channel section of the speaker and @ only $129.99 you would have a great center channel.

QP9W Product absolutely has a custom wall mount plate included Please write to me @ if for some reason your product did not include the wall plate bracket. We will send you one right away.

So sound would only come out of center of soundbar vs. whole soundbar, correct?

Yes, that is correct. I suggest you also consider model BD 300 a dedicated center channel from our flagship Black Diamond series.

Are there any independent reviews of the QP 9 sound bar? I haven’t been able to find any online. Thanks!

Please compare to QP9

Is it possible to use 3 BD 300s for a LCR setup like a Q P 9 or is there a chance you will offer the BD 500s again (which I assume are voice matched to the BD 300)? My spouse isn’t found of visible speakers. We already have a baby boomer (great, great sound) and a small room. Thanks.

Arin, PM for you, pls. To view your private messages, click on the envelope to the right of the Everything But Woot tab.

Hi and thanks for the question. # BD 300 as LCR is a terrific combination. They will sound and perform great with the BABY BOOMER. As to BD 500 we do not know what future events may hold. Surely, 3 BD 300 will be Outstanding! Higly recommended.

The Pbar 6200 has some terrible reviews, especially on Newegg - can you address these reviews here briefly? Are these concerns with “scams” a company problem or a drop shipper problem?

Interested in picking this up, but I don’t want to hassle with a return…sell me on it maybe?

Sure. This is pretty old news to most who have been on this forum, but here it goes.

This post is from NEW EGG Canada. 1 person claims he got a open box item. We ship to CANADA and Canadian customs has the right to inspect any goods crossing their border. Absolutely nothing ever leaves our factory in anything other than brand new perfect condition. That said, the matter was between NEW EGG and their customer. But we take the bad publicity.

There are many superb reviews stateside. So, that said, our reputation for 38 years stands and we have sold many many thousands of this item.

It depends on what you want to acheive acoustically. If you have a recent model super flat screen TV this product will be a nice upgrade. The better overall sonic choice would be FRONTROWSYS8210 which includes an excellent wireless powered subwoofer.

Merry Christmas.

Thanks for the clarifications.

I have the 6200 powerbar. I should have gotten the sub with it. No base. Will the 225 12 inch sub on sale work with the sound bar? Is it a wireless setup?

THe QP9 is only 250W, not 450W as listed on Woot, Google it, or check out the Pinnacle site

How does the FRONT ROW 8210 compare to this product of yours? Or is it the same product?