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Hello WOOT community. I am Arin with Pinnacle Speakers, TEAM LEADER consumer division. Pinnacle is a family owned and operated USA based company, established in 1976. That’s 38 years and running for any “arithmetically challenged”…but seriously, we are famous in the Speaker and consumer electronics industry and known specifically for superior performance, innovative engineering and old fashioned, personal service.

We have products ranging from affordable “BUDGET AUDIOPHILE” to TRUE AUDIOPHILE up to $8,000. We offer these exclusive and no brainer deals to WOOT as an exclusive buy it now, snooze or lose opportunity. I will be here monitoring the forum to assist in answering any and all questions regarding our products. I have been with Pinnacle for 9 years and I will proudly tell you,we make terrific products. I am quite knowledgeable about our products and speakers in general, but if something is technically beyond me, I have access to one of our audio engineers for the highly technical questions.

There is no such thing as a “DUMB” question. These are complicated decisions. If you have a question, please ask. Chances are your question will also help many other Woot forum people. I am a specialist in Pinnacle, I am here for Pinnacle Speakers. I cannot speak for other company products, though I can try to assist in building a system with our products and some existing items you may already own.


Just want to say I bought the QP9W speakerbar at the sale before Christmas and I couldn’t be happier with it.

I replaced the 3 front speakers from a Sony HTIB with separate amp and it sounds amazing. I mainly use it for music through my Chromecast attached to my TV, then output through optical to the amp and it’s loud and crystal clear even at high volumes.

Amazing value at $129 - really tempted to buy the matching SFIT 250 pair to install as rear speakers in the 5.1 setup.

Hello Arin,

You gave me this valuable advice at the last event:

“Our top of the line SOUNDBAR is QP9W PWRBR and it is a meaningful acoustic upgrade in the SOUNDBAR department. It then can accept any of our powered subwoofers as it includes a SUB-OUT jack. So, for the same set up format, I recommend :
QP9W POWERBAR (wait till future WOOT event) and BABY BOOMER or SUBSONIC powered subwoofer.”

Is that powerbar the same as the .
QP 9 Wood 9-Element Speaker Bar included in this event?

If so, i’m hoping to save even more with that and the Subsonic!

The speaker bar is not powered - it requires use of a separate home theater amp.

*edit - so to answer your question clearly, no, the QP9W Speaker bar is not the same thing he was referencing as the power bar.

Hi and I remember your question from a prior WOOT event. This event has the QP9W for home theater set up and an audio receiver is needed. The other item I mentioned QP9W POWERBAR is different. It has it’s own amplifier and hooks direct to the TV for a SOUNDBAR.

But, here we have one better,our new POWERONE HT 200 is an all in 1 top of the line SOUNDBAR and built in powered subwoofer, all in 1 enclosure. Also, it is patented with great bass extension. A convenient feature is the TV can sit right on top of it.

I think this is even a better solution than separate SOUNDBAR AND SUBWOOFER as it is all in the 1 cabinet.

So, I strongly advise snagging POWERONE HT 200, which I just noticed is part of this event.

I hope this answers your question.

Hey Arin,

I’m looking to get the BD 500 bookshelf speakers here as it’s a good deal. I’m trying to replace my old Polk Audio Monitor 5 bookshelves. Are the DB 500’s a good equivalent or do I need to search higher in the Pinnacle catalog??

I am very confident you will be very satisfied with our BD 500. There have been many excellent reviews on the Woot forum from owners of BD 500. Also, our BD 500 is part of a brand new 5 star Black Diamond Series system review from this month’s Sound & Vision Magazine. They are used in a $4,000 system.

So, I do think you will get far more than you expect.


Pinnacle speakers are a great purchase. I have four (4) of the 3-Channel LCR’s for my surround and one of the Center Channel for just that purpose. Also picked up the dual 6.5" 300watt Sub. Let me tell ya, I can not only hear the sub at my neighbor’s house but, also, feel the bass.

The products from Pinnacle are everything they claim, and so much more. I highly recommend the products to anyone looking for crisp clear sound on Videogames, Movies, and Music.

So I was looking into maybe getting the MB11500+. For some reason it’s REALLY hard to find reviews on Pinnacle speakers. I’m honestly skeptical about buying speakers this expensive. I was more so OK with buying the 750W speakers that was on a previous Woot for $100 less. But I do want an awesome home theater. I plan on getting a mid-high end receiver soon (like Onkyo 626 or comparable). With that said, anyone have any opinions on these speakers or even 750W ones? The sound better be out of this world for the price…

Hello Arin. I am very excited to see the pinnacle sale here again. Not sure if it was you or someone else last time but I really liked whomever it was . Liked them enough to not buy anything anywhere else and wait for another opportunity to see this sale again. I didn’t have any money last time so got nothing. Right before then, I was given a gift of a samsung 60" LED. TV. The speakers really leave a lot to be desired! I am not rich but am not afraid to spend a bit more if it is truly worth it.

I have a JVC component system. Decent speakers. That system is not hooked up to the tv by choice. I want something that I can just plug I to the TV and not have to run it through a receiver first. I will be using it to listen to music on pandora in the background while I clean the house and listening to BBC Radio4 while I work on the computer. Or just watching tv. I want good sound but it doesn’t have to fabulous since there is not a budget for fabulous. Thanks!

Ask me what I forgot to tell you so We can learn what speakers I need to buy. :slight_smile:

I got the BD500’s about a month ago and I loved them the day I got them, and they’re better now. I never really believed that stuff about “breaking in” speakers but I guess it’s true. These sounded great out of the box and they sound even better now. I just have to keep away from that Add to Cart button or I’ll end up with another pair of them.

I just purchased and quickly received the Pinnacle sound bar without Sub that was offered on Woot 2-3 weeks ago with a list price of $500, offered for $100. I must say I am very disappointed with the sound and range of the speakers. Quite honestly sounds no better, if not worse, than the built in speakers on the Samsung LED TV it is connected to.

I have entirely Pinnacle speakers (bought on Woot) for my 5.1 system and I’m extremely pleased. These speakers put out way more sound than their prices here would indicate. This is just a really good place to buy Pinnacle speakers.

Hi and thank you very much. Yes it was me who exchanged the forum posts with you. We have a brand new product featured in the event that is exactly designed for your purposes. POWERONE HT 200 is our best SOUNDBAR with a built in powered subwoofer all in 1 slim box. The cabinet also functions as the TV base so you can place your 60" TV right on top of our product. Then, just plug the cable (we supply) direct to the TV and you are done. We include a remote. This product is what I strongly recommend. POWERONE HT 200



Hi and sorry you are not completely satisfied. Sounds like the SUbwoofer version would have been the better choice. I will correspond with you directly to work this through for you.


Hi, here is a link to some of our many INDUSTRY CRITIC REVIEWS> We have been in business since 1978,

MODEL MB 11500+ is a system comprised of components we sell individually for $1200. There is nothing on the market that can compare to this system for only $399. We also are featured this month’s front cover of SOUND & VISION MAGAZINE with a $4,000 system review. Our $4,000 System received 5 star (TOP LEVEL) based on $4,000. So, honestly, this is a competitive performer @ $1,200. It is designed for a fuller front channel result than the other system you saw. Thank you.


Aw man where was the Power One HT 200 back in October when I bought my FRONT ROW SYS 8210 from you guys on here? It would of been perfect, especially since my TV does sit a little too low. Still happy with the soundbar and sub though.

Hi, we will allow you to trade up if you wish.

Send us proof of purchase on POWERONEHT200 and we will accept the FRONTROWSYS 8210 for a full refund.

Write to me @:


Are the BD 500s here Series II- if not what’s the difference.

and why do they call those 3-way? I only see a woofer and tweeter (with regards to the Series II link above)