Pinnacle Studio Moviebox USB Video Capture Device

This really isn’t a deal. Why not pay the extra 5 bucks and get it from staples. At least then you can fetrn it.

Does anybody know if this will work with capturing Xbox 360 gameplay?

Curses. If only this were for Mac!

Also wondering about capturing xbox 360 gameplay. Gotta make my halo montage.

What’s the difference between this and the Pinnacle Dazzle Video Creator Platinum?

Is it only the addition of an input?

Cleverly done. R.I.P. Alex Chilton.

this does work for XBOX360 gameplay. My brother has made many a montage with it. here is an example of it at work–

the platinum version also gets better editing software.

but the average user would do just fine with this or windows movie maker.

Does this handle audio synch for long videos? I understand that many similar devices get audio and video out of synch with longer videos, say 20 minutes or longer. The more expensive units claim to include a synch signal that keeps the two together.


Can it copy Salma Hayek or Katherine Zeta-Jones?

Sorry, I hate to knock any Woot product but I have had nothing but problems with this “egg”. I have had problems capturing video with either the included Pinnacle Studio software or Windows Movie Maker. I tried to use this last month to help me archive some old LDs and I finally gave up and pulled out an ancient capture device that came bundled with software to make Video CDs, (that is how old it was) and even it outperformed this fancy paperweight.

I’ve been using this to stream shows (convert output signal from my TriCaster Pro) live on the internet and have not had a problem. I don’t believe it works with a Mac though. The only software I installed were the drivers for the device so LiveStream’s Flash interface picks it up as a camera input.

And you can capture xbox360 video with the sandisk v-mate dvr also. you can capture from any composite video source. And just pop the memory card in your pc and you can easily throw it up on you tube or wherever. i always go with woot. But i don’t know about this pinnacle device.

RU making an assumption or did u find it at Staples for $50? cuz I couldn’t find it on Staples web site. It lists new at Amazon for about $99. If Staples has it, I doubt they’ll beat Amazon by 50%.

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I just tried it today on my new dell media center 8100, I max out the processors and ram just for media applications, the pinnacle still did not run right…picture jitters slow response just to name a few. I will take the pinnacle back and try hausaugge.
It’s not really worth the time.