Pinnacle Studio Moviebox USB Video Capture Device

It says it does. Read the “In the box” section.

That’s how it connects to your PC.

No HD? How useless is that?

Been on sellout.woot before, but can’t get comments to load.

Could you use this to transfer video from your DVR to your computer?

Would this allow copying DVDs to computer or to write them to a DVDR?

Meh. Crapsquatch.

It connects to the output device via USB.

Wonder what quality is determined on. Where is the video stored as it is recording?

Will it work with Windows 7?

Can this use USB to record video from a 1394 device? It’d actually be handy to me if that were the case.

Its really on the other side of the unit.

thank you so much for the alex chilton hookup. have a cool day!

i dont think so…says xp and vista. I would buy for windows 7

According to the description:

Pinnacle Studio Software Install DVD Version 11

Pinnacle Studio Bonus DVD

Pinnacle Studio User Guide

I can’t speak as to the quality of the suite, however.

Can it do full screen or a window that takes up at least most of the screen on your computer?

Valid Question since this is made by Pinnacle.

Check the third picture.