Pinnacle Studio Plus 700-USB w/ Version 10.5 Software

Pinnacle Studio Plus 700-USB w/ Version 10.5 Software

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    1 Pinnacle Studio Plus 700-USB w/ Version 10.5 Software

Whats it do?

Last time I used Pinnacle Studio, it was worse than missing a BOC during a woot-off. Has it gotten better since 9.0?

this is a good product… I work in a proffesional edit lab and use this when editing certain products…very good and realiable… i may just buy one for my home editing… but I strongly reccomend this woot! I still smell a wootoff

Pricing for the software

SecretPrices … $49.99

Froogle … $48.99

PriceGrabber … $69.99

so, what does it do?

Sometime reading the “joke” description before the actual devices uses become a TRUE joke with a vastly unknow products uses.

$90 - $130 on eBay


Amazon has terrible reviews of it.

Props to the fast moderation here tonight…

Now can someone explain what this thing does?


Wow, what a sweet deal, I remember payig like $179 for this last year. Geeze the software alone is worth $99

i’ve used the software, and liked it.

I’ve never had any luck with Pinnacle crap. Synch problems. Then again, I havent used it since a 900MHz computer with 1GB ram was high-end.

Oh, and the software still sucks. Ulead is even worse.

It looks like it’s melting into a pool of blue plastic. Does it really run that hot?

This is a really great buy!!! I wish I knew that woot was going to have it for this price. I just bought it and looks like I over paid.

Anyhow… I’m extremely happy with the product. Works well and easy to use! I’d recommend it to anyone.

Here’s a link to two CNet user reviews.

I hope they’re just a few people who got duds, because both of them really dislike it…

But here’s a bunch of Amazon user reviews.

Average rating here is only 2.5 stars, so this thing doesn’t seem likt it’s a very good product. It’s cheap compared to other places, but I’m not sure about the item, so I’ll pass.

Happy wooting!

80 bucks to make my PC do what my Mac can do out of the box? I think not.

…ok, ok. I gotta admit. It looks pretty c00l (or ribs), but I just don’t need it. Good woot. :oD