Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Version 12 Software with Complete Training DVD Woot Info Post
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Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Version 12 Software with Complete Training DVD [New] - $39.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Version 12 Software, 1 * Pinnacle Complete Training Studio 11 & 12 DVD

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I havent used studio 12 but i was fairly impresed by studio 10

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I have this software, and got it on a FAR offer a couple of months ago. It’s very processor intensive, but very simple to use for basic cuts/transitions and graphics. I have a Core i7 processor with 8GB of RAM and it renders video at about 1/2 real time. Check out a sample video on my blog.

Bummer for me. I ordered from regular Woot! in January and it was $10 more and didn’t include the training dvd. :frowning: I bought it for my kid though and he does like the program, although it crashes often, but saves where you left off so you can get right back at it.

Always good to check out the review on amazon

For the training dvd some reviews, not as much as the actual product, very good deal on woot today though for both.

I’m currently on a 30 free trial on MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 15 Plus. No real manual to learn from so I have been learning as I go. Is Pinnacle pretty easy to use and functions comparable to MAGIX? Would much rather pay for this one since it will be about half the price of Magix once my trial period ends.

quality post. noting the ability to save your state even under a software crashing situation is very key.

Saw your video, now that’s a fun date!
I have a vaio with i3 processor and 4GB ram. Think that will be enough?

Current version is 14. You can download a 15-day free trial from Pinnacle to see if you like it. Reviews seem to indicate Sony Vegas is more powerful, but Pinnacle is easier to use.

What kind of computer are you using? I ask as I want to buy this but my machine is on the low end of the requirements spec’d for this software. Just wondering if the software is still buggy like version 10 or do you really need a “top of the line” machine to use this without problems. Thankx

I have ben using Pinnacle for years. I like it and I recommend it. This is an excellent price. It is usually $100 or more.

Yes, if you read the third review you would not buy Pinnacle any more because of their stealing policy. It seems like all the software sold by Pinnacle expires in 2years and you cannot use them after two years. bummer!

This is a news to me, never heard before and its so ridiculous to say you pay for my software only for 2yrs… so stupid you pinnacle…

Bought from regular woot about a month ago for $10 more. Love it. Spent $150 on Corel version, this has much fewer bugs so far. Easier to use also. Might not be as powerful, but for an average user this is much better. I hated the file library of Corel, this one allows you to use normal windows directories.

You better do some research before you say it over $100, buddy! Its $50 on Amazon!

I bought this software when it was on Woot! back a few months ago. It’s a ton of fun to play around with, especially with the green screen that is included! Like others have said, yes, this does crash sometimes but not too much, and it, as others have mentioned, does save often, so you’re ok if it crashes. Definitely get this, especially for this price, and you’ll have a ton of fun!

My brother-in-law uses Pinnacle and he’s always calling me to come over and help him figure out something with it. It seems to be a little slow/processor intensive… but, video rendering is a heavy duty process on your computer anyway. He’s running an AMD QuadCore with 4 megs of RAM if I recall.

If you want a basic video editing program, Pinnacle is not bad. Pretty simple to use and the price here is worth it for a home user. As for me, I’ll stick with Adobe Premiere.

Well, uh, if you look at the current version, he is right – it is usually over $100.

Because this is an old version, it is $50 on Amazon, and the new version is almost $120.

It is, regardless, a good price today on sellout.

I use this program all the time. I make quite a few slide shows (essentially a movie made from stills as opposed to a player that just runs through stills) and also edit SD and HD movies. One of the best things this program has is some awesome transitions. I have never had a crash with Version 12 (However I had quite a few pre-Version 10). I run a quad Core Processor with 8GB Ram, so I would think an i3 would work fine.

This software does not expire after any period of time. The only downside I’ve found is that the transitions are so good that you may want to buy more…but they’re quite expensive. On the bright side Pinnacle severely discounts them about twice a year.