Pinzon Egyptian Cotton 725GSM 6Pc Towels-10 Colors

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Pinzon Egyptian Cotton 725GSM 6Pc Towels-10 Colors
Price: $9.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Tuesday, May 20 to Wednesday, May 21) + transit
Condition: New


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TONS of good reviews (3.7 out of 5.0) over at amazon

More than a few Amazon reviewers are saying the towels started falling apart after anywhere from 1-5 washes. Personally, I’m going to pass.

Any comparisons to the Home Source MicroCotton ones?

What is the traditional “bath towel” length?.. cause these are 30x56in… um, 2.5ft wide x 4ft8in sounds like kid towels.

I have these towels! I picked them up from Amazon for $10 more a set in 2011 and have had only one hand towel fray at the edge.
They have a nice heft to them and are decently sized. I’m 5’10" and wear a ladies 6. The towels wrap all the way around me and then some so if I need to run through my house with just wearing a towel, I covered completely.
At $10 a set, it’s a great deal. I’m not passing this deal up!
One note: the towels arrive with a bit of a chemical odor. Wash them in cool water with a cup of white or distilled vinegar. Make sure you wash & dry them separately from other items as they will produce an extra bit of lint for a few washings. Other than that minor issue, these were well worth the money I paid and at $10, these suckers are a STEAL.

I have this set, in navy. Bought it maybe six months ago from Amazon for $25.

These are the worst towels I’ve ever used, anywhere. I would not take them for free.

They do not dry, and they shed more lint than any cloth product I’ve ever seen. It seems to get better with more wash/dry cycles, but I gave up after about ten.

I almost wrote to Amazon and asked if these had a special weave or used a unique fiber–it’s amazing how they manage to not absorb water, but instead just spread it around a surface.

Seriously, if offered these for free, I’d still pay for something else. Danged-est thing I’ve ever seen–towels that don’t absorb water.

Strange indeed. Do you use a fabric softener? That will affect absorbency.

Towels that come with a chemical odor? No thank you!

This is a tip that I think we could all benefit from knowing:

From “Fabric Softener” on Wikipedia:

Wash your towels separately and don’t use (or use very little) fabric softener on your towels.

Some odor is not unusual. They’re manufactured in Pakistan by machines which add some odor just by proximity. Then they’re bagged & shipped over. Unlike stores, these aren’t sitting out on shelves to air out.

You should always wash towels before you use them.

These are not the bath sheets you’re looking for.

We always use fabric softener sheets on our towels, and they work just fine.

LaVikinga’s above rave review sounds very shilltastic.

That user’s been around about as long as you, has three-times the rep points and made twice as many purchases on Woot. Quite the long-con if she’s trying to shill for an overseas towel maker :stuck_out_tongue:

Han Towel shot first!

LaVinkga is a long-time wooter; no shill.

But we do have bath sheets over here - bottom row.

I bought a set of these in plum for Hubby last year June (2013) via Amazon ($20.99). He’s obsessive about showers and sometimes showers 2x’s a day (I don’t complain, haha!) he’s very pick about bath towels. He works out of town weekdays & rents part of a house. He loves these towels! He’s also a big guy (5’11", 230 lbs) and hates “regular sized towels.” These are large enough for him but still drape across a towel bar to dry without being scrunched up. He has 4 towels that he rotates (2 Costco, and these 2) but mainly uses the Pinzon ones. He’s washed/dryed them about once a week for a year now. They still look almost new while the Costco ones are showing wear. These are about the size of the Costco towels (the ones that are around $$7-8 each I think) but are MUCH softer, fluffier & absorbent than the Costco ones. $9.99/set is a steal!
(Ordered 7 sets- 2 for home, another for Hubby, 2 for Mom & 2 for our Cabin).

As with ANY towels you want to absorb water DO NOT use fabric softener in the wash OR dryer. It will cause them to repel water. I didn’t learn this until my early 30’s. It makes a huge difference. The towels are actually softer than they were when I was using fabric softener.

If you want to “break them in” faster try tossing in a couple tennis balls (or dryer balls) the first several times you dry them or wash/dry with things like jeans. Something to “rough up” the cotton fibers.

I agree. I bought the plum ones a year ago today. After i washed and dried them, the dryer lint screen was two inches deep in fluff!

I thought, uh oh…but that was the last time that happened. The towels after washing and drying literally puffed up to twice their packaged size and were very soft. (I also use white vinegar in the washing machine rinse - with a color like this, it helps set it.)

I thought they were a bargain at $20 - at $10, yes, grab them! (Just wash first and skip the fabric softener.)