Pinzon Egyptian Cotton 725GSM 6Pc Towels-10 Colors

Yeah, but the negative reviews are pretty scary.

most of the good reviews i read were from vine customers.

Yeah - and sort the reviews by “Newest First.” All one star reviews for at least the first 11 pages of reviews. I mean every single one. Yikes. Run away.

Nope, just being honest. In my opinion they are a better value than the towels one gets at Walmart.
As for the odor, I’ve been told it comes from the dye & processing. The vinegar pre-wash I recommended in a previous post helps to remove the odors and any processing residue.
These are absorbent, but then I do not use fabric softer in my washing machine, nor do I use dryer softening sheets when I dry these. The only thing the towels are washed with are other terry cloth items. If you’re looking for paper towel or chamois absorbancy, then these aren’t the towels you are looking for.
So, I’m not shilling for woot–it’s been years since the Woot Gods have graced me with even a free shipping coupon. What I AM doing it recommending these towels at THIS price point as they would be perfect for someone setting up house or going away to school.

Let me put it to you this way: I bought ten sets this morning before I left for a road trip. Did some more thinking about how happy we’ve been with these towels for the last two years, and then I texted my son to use HIS woot account to buy 5 more sets.

EDIT–Yes, these suckers will shed like crazy the first few times. After two or three wash & dryer cycles, it should be down to a minimum. Just don’t brain fart like I did and wash chocolate towels with the lighter tan. I did thinking brown-tan, same difference because I was worried about dyes possibly running. What I didn’t realize was when I dried them the light colored lint would get on the dark towels and vice versa. It did pick right off but it was an avoidable thing if I had engaged my brain.

I’ve been a wooter for a long time. Heavily active over on the Deals.woot Ask The Community. Just wander over and ask the old guard. They’ll vouch for me.

Hey, TT! Thanks for having my back. It’s been a long time, gurl! How you doin’?

It’s likely from the dye. Most dyes or their fixatives have an odor.

Fabric softener has a very small impact on absorbency, but not much. I use it with no problems. If THESE towels are so non-absorbent that it is noteworthy, it is the towels’ fault, and skipping the softener is not going to help.

When I look at the amazon reviews, many say that this product has been substituted for the Pinzon product they used to carry. The old product got great reviews; this new one gets uniformly horrible reviews.

Any way to know if this offering is the same as the one CURRENTLY on Amazon? It sounds like the difference is major.

Whoops! I had somehow filtered Amazon reviews to show ONLY 1-star reviews! When I let everything show, there were lots of positive reviews. So, now I’m back to square one – the good reviews are very, very good; the bad reviews are horrid…

So let me see if I understand this. When I get these, I’m supposed to:

-wash them in vinegar to get rid of a noxious smell
-dry them separate from anything else
-wash them and dry them again at least once to further de-fuzz
-make sure to never again dry them with anything else
-accept fraying after a little while

I’m with the person who said that if they were free, we should still buy something else. Who has the time for this?! After water, detergent, and energy costs this product stops being a bargain on day one.

I’m still using towels I bought 20 years ago. They can be washed with like colors, dried with no problem, and they never had a noxious smell. They’re big enough to wrap around me, tuck in, and stay in place. I got them at Marshalls for, like, $8 each or something.

The are the worst towels ever. They had a weird smell when I received them so I washed them. There was enough lint to knit a sweater. Lint and fuzz everwhere, returned them the next day. Don’t waste your money. You get what you pay for. These would not even be good enough to keep for dog towels.

cheap towels, come with FREE:
+odor from a foreign country
+might be small than normal bath towel (1/2 of bath sheet)
+reportedly don’t absorb water
+potentially fall apart
+require a 19step process before using
+include 2inches of free lint enough to knit a sweater
…and are loved by a few

Regarding fabric softener and dryer sheets… for towels of a different brand. I loved the color and believed they would change.
…I never used softener/sheets of any type, they really just pushed water around, and didn’t absorb it.
I think the fabric quality and material fibers make a big difference… and that some people don’t realize it, while others (like me) are sensitive to it.
Truth: Its not enough that I wanted the towel to change. The towel has to want to change.

Received “Some” of my towels today. at the moment I seem very happy with the quality but also very dissapointed as I only received one set and I ordered two sets

Jeez, I’m sorry about that. Have you sent CS your order details and issue yet? If not, they can look into what’s happening.

Ordered 4 sets and only received one. No notation on partial shipment.

I’m sorry about that. I’ve emailed our buyer and CS to let them know about the issue. Please send your issue and order info to so they know you’ve been affected by this error.

UPDATE: I heard from the buyer that these could very well be shipping separately, so please try and be patient for another few days. Please don’t hesitate to let CS know if you still don’t receive your full order by early to mid next week (accounting for holiday weekend).

I too ordered two sets and only received one. I emailed Support and got an auto response. I had three packages from this order and they have all arrived but missing the set of moss towels I ordered. I am WAY BUMMED.

Please read my post above yours. The other set may still be en route.

Had that issue as well. No notification of partial shipment, and a C&B story about how 3 sets of my 4 sets were being shipped from another source. Never before have I had a partial shipment that didn’t indicate it was a partial shipment. I’d have preferred an honest “sorry, we muffed it” to what I got. Either you made a mistake and forgot to include the towels, or you made a mistake and neglected to notify me of partial shipment, but own the damned mistake! Being lied to irritates me more than human error.

Had a similar problem back in January when I ordered two (different) items that were shipped together. This is the reply I received from Woot! customer service:

“Hey, I have pulled up the order and taken a look at everything and checked with the tracking information we had for you. Sometimes the carriers will split up the orders and you will receive it in 2 separate deliveries, there is no way for us to be sure. But just in case I have already issued you a refund…”

So, apparently FedEx will sometimes open a package, then re-pack both items in separate boxes and send them along. And given the instant refund, seems they lose one of the boxes quite regularly. Nope, never did get the second one.

Maybe I’ll get lucky this time. Haven’t even received the shipping confirmation/tracking info for the towel sets yet.

Hi all. Here’s the low down on the towel shipments:

This inventory was stocked in multiple Amazon warehouses (our inventory).

Depending on the colors you ordered, they may indeed ship separately.

Friday afternoon, we discovered that some orders were stuck and we resolved that issue. With the holiday weekend, we expect those orders to ship out today.