Pinzon Egyptian Cotton 725GSM 6Pc Towels-10 Colors

My washing machine must have been unusually hungry the first day I received these…They fell apart in the wash and left me with a mess to clean up!!!

Ordered the towels in Cream and they were delivered in YELLOW which I cannot use.
Amazon takes no responsibility and tells me complain to woot but there is no phone no., just email.

They must have run out of my color request so they sent me Yellow. Now I have to send them back for a refund.

i just got a set of these in grey, and after washing adn 1 use, so far im impressed. they are a good size and dry me off like a towel should. no bad odors, and great price. 2 big towels, 2 washclothes and 2 big kitchen towels (since i dont use handtowels in the bathroom)

I bought 2 sets…1 cranberry & 1 moss. The cranberry set arrived first. I washed them & also had enough lint in the dryer screen to knit a sweater. Then, I finally received the second set (moss). They were horribly sewn (frayed edges), flaws in the fabric & threads hanging everywhere. I’ve asked for a refund, but other than the auto reply 2 days ago, have heard nothing from Woot. :frowning:

so I have been back and forth with “Customer Service” since 5/23, and it takes at least three days for your people to respond. I was told BE PATIENT, WAIT A FEW MORE DAYS as they are being sent separately. On 5/30 I replied that I had yet to receive my Moss towels and requested a tracking number. On 6/1 I received a response saying, "
We apologize for the delay. This order is taking a little longer than usual to ship. We are working very hard to get everything out as soon as possible. Please bear with us and thank you for your continued
patience. Please allow a few more business days for the 6 piece moss towel set to arrive.
Woot Member Services," but no tracking number as I requested. I replied YET AGAIN on 6/5, stating I had yet to receive this order and ONCE AGAIN requesting tracking information. So just now I got a response from some YAHOO with still NO TRACKING INFORMATION telling me to contact FedEx and have a trace put on the package. Please advise how in the WORLD I am supposed to do that when I was NEVER GIVEN THE TRACKING INFORMATION FOR THE MOSS TOWELS THAT NEVER ARRIVED?!?!?!?! Am I missing something here besides the towels I never received but was told to BE PATIENT?!?!?!

Sorry for the delayed response and to hear that you’re encountering multiple issues with your purchase.

I’ve forwarded your post along to Woot Member Services to investigate the issue and hopefully find a resolve.

Thank you for your continued patience during this matter.

So I receive an email response on Wednesday the 11th, three days after I sent this and posted here, stating “We were under the impression that our supplier was aware of the mistake and had shipped the missing towels. I have submitted a replacement order for you and you should have tracking information soon. Thanks!”

I have yet as of Sunday 6/15 to receive any further correspondence, a tracking number, or my Moss towels. I’m NOT happy at the lack of service or sense of urgency this three week ordeal is turning in to, and the fact I am having to chase this down. I see other people received a color of towel they did not order. IF the towels ever get to me I certainly hope I get the MOSS towels I ordered and NOT yellow, as I have NO USE for yellow. My patience is wearing VERY THIN.

I asked for a refund on the moss towel set I had ordered because they were of such poor quality. I finally got a reply saying my missing towels had been sent. Not a word about a refund for poor quality towels. So, I replied why I wanted a refund. They replied (6/7/14) that a replacement set was being sent to me. Refund? Guess they are opposed to that. Still waiting…sigh.

One of the hand towels frayed on one edge at the first washing! I was really disappointed because otherwise they have a nice heft and are large. A friend ordered them on my recommendation and I was embarrassed that one of her hand towels frayed on the first washing also.

I bought 2 plum sets in May, for less than $20. I washed them immediately but haven’t used them until just recently. I like the plush-ness of them, but I don’t like that several of the edges already frayed from one washing. I don’t have a problem with their absorbency but I will have to monitor their quality with future washings.

These are terrible. They started fraying after the first wash and they’re not very absorbent. :frowning: I regret buying them.