Pioneer 5.1 Surround Sound System with HDMI Upconverting DVD Player

We need a woot upconverter to convert these into decent products…

I’m still using Dolby Pro Logic

Upconversion is lame get blu-ray alot better!


this is a weak system.

Next… please

My hopes for a Bag of Crap have been dashed. :slight_smile:

Almighty, God, thank you that the 899 Roombas are gone.

Another product which will take a while to go…

boo. Bring me a Sansa (or Zune) before I have to go to work. or while I’m still in class.

i lose :frowning:

Why Upconvert? Go all the way and just get a Blue Ray.

Something I’ve been wondering since I settled on an open-box Samsung HDTV instead of an equivalent Toshiba with a DVD player (saved about $150 because the remote was the wrong color? score).

Do they sell these upconverting players in a slim form factor (ie. about the size of cheap DVD players and/or a notebook drive)? I wouldn’t mind chopping into my TV to add one, if they exist at a reasonable price. Just haven’t found one yet.


Whoever said that the BOC was after the Roomba…


One sold, only 12 left.

So when’s the Brigadier of Colonies coming?