Pioneer 5.1 Surround Sound System with HDMI Upconverting DVD Player

5.1 system with 6 speakers???

Ill Pass

i only see 2.1

do your duty, buy 3!

Another random crap

wires n rabbit ears… meh

$269.00 at Amazon. No reviews

Need one surround sound system.
Don’t need another dvd player. Have to pass dam

4 satellite 1 center 1 sub

damn homer sold fast… BAG OF CRAP NOW!!!


O-boy do I want something I dont already have!

Can never have enough center speakers…

nice but i got 5.1 already, need BagsOfCr@p

This belongs in a bag. At least they concede that in the description.

lol l… 5.1 with 2 speakers = FAIL

Tempting… If it were Blu-Ray I’d be all over it

Is anyone doing thrifty Christmas shopping today? B/c I just got 10 new T shirts at Threadless T’s for $47 shipped. They have a whole section of $5 T’s, and I used coupon code holiday08 for another $3 off. Crazy deal.

I can’t afford this expensive stuff! My disco mouse is blinking away here, and THAT’s the level of cheap-i-tude I’m talking about. Give me more cheap crap, Woot!