Pioneer 5.1Ch AV Receiver w/Bluetooth

I bought one of these on Sellout Woot May 9th for this price,
got it very quickly, and am listening to it right now.

I put it in an upstairs bedroom with Monoprice speakers in the bedroom and bathroom ceiling.

Bluetooth immediately connects to my phone and plays from the next room, maybe 15 feet away, through a door with no issues.

I have two older versions of this same Receiver,
and both of those are holding up well.
One did stop working for a short while,
I opened it up looking for loose connections, didn’t find any,
then it worked again when I reassembled it (that’s the opposite of what usually happens lol).

For $150 I can’t see what receiver you could possibly get that would be better than this one.

Recommended especially at this price.