Pioneer 6.5” 2-Way In-Ceiling CST Speaker (Pair)

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Pioneer 6.5" 2-Way In-Ceiling CST Speaker (Pair)
$39.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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This would go great with the wall speakers they had in the early AM. Hurry up and buy them all, lets move on.

How do these sound? Would they rock my Family Room, or be better in the garage??

That was quick.

Two pair? Gimme a huge break Woot!


Well crap that was something i was thinking about buying, for like the 20 seconds it was there.

no kidding, that sucked! definitely was interested…

I have a ceiling speaker in my bathroom, and I have them hooked up to my bluetooth enabled stereo system.

I use it for playing music while taking a bath / shower.

I had been meaning to hook up a similar system up in the guest bathroom and my garage, so this deal was PERFECT.

Now I don’t feel so bad missing out on the bag of crap.