Pioneer 7.1-Channel Network A/V Receiver

Here is a 4 egg review

**Item: **Pioneer 7.1-Channel Network A/V Receiver
Price: $329.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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I think this comes up every time, but any confirmation on warranty coverage? According to Pioneer’s website woot! is not an authorized online retailer and Pioneer may not support their warranty:

[MOD: Confirmed by staff. If ever you have problems getting warranty support, email for assistance.]

OK reviews at Amazon.

Check out this review over at

Lot’s of additional info can be found over at

I can ping staff with your inquiry, but to the best of my knowledge today’s offer is should still be supported by the advertised 1 Year Pioneer warranty coverage.

UPDATE: Confirmed by staff. If ever you have problems getting warranty support, email for assistance.]

Airplay is awesome for you iDevice owners. The 1023 Does NOT upscale your video signals. You will need to run multiple monitor connections to your display, use external media converters to get your input signals to HDMI for things like older VCR’s or Wii, or throw away all your older components and replace them with something that provides HDMI. Other than that it has been a pretty good receiver. Oh, you also do NOT get the cool feature rich app to use on your iPad or iPhone. You can only use the basic only, Pioneer “Control App”.

If Pioneer is still made like they used to be, great deal.
I still have an old SX-780 Receiver that still rocks!

how is this when compared, any suggestions:

I wonder what stuff will look like being forced into HDMI hmmm…

I have the 1021 model of this series. A solid receiver in most respects, occasional dropouts on Air Play. My main complaint is that Pioneer is pretty weak with HDMI pass-thru, so I can’t easily listen to tv only without having the receiver on. Check this topic before you invest.

Still running my old $800 (ouch, pre-kids bank account) Sony ES S-video receiver. Unlike a lot of Sony stuff (actually all our 5+ yr old Sony stuff) that thing won’t die.

10 years, heck 5 years ago who would’ve thought we could get a 7.1 channel, digitally connected (HDMI), Internet/mobile connected receiver and be playing radio via the Internet whilst consuming an impressive 500 watts of energy for about 300 bucks? Amazing.

A very good receiver at a great price! I just purchased the 1123 model of this series (the mother ship has it on special for $399 from time to time). The only features missing from this model that the 1123 has: video upscaling, 2 more hdmi inputs (8 vs. 6), a second zone with an HDMI output (the 1023 has a 2nd zone with an audio output) and this model won’t run the icontrolav2013 software (only the basic controlapp software). Definitely worth saving $70 if you can live without those extra features!

Doesn’t appear to have a phono input - that’s one excuse I’ve been using not to upgrade. Still play LPs at least once a year. :wink:

And yes I realize external pre-amps are available fairly cheap - just don’t want extra power parasites lingering in the house. And that would take away my excuse!

Going from 1/4 to 1/8th or RCA audio wouldn’t require a powered adapter. You shouldn’t have a problem converting between analogue inputs.

I do not see an input for a sub woofer.
Am I missing something in the blurry picture???

How easy is it to switch between using the rear surround as channels 6 & 7 vs. 2nd audio source? My plan is to use 7.1 for movies/TV, but when gaming be able to use those back speakers as audio for music (iPod, radio, etc.)?

Upper left of speaker connections (above DVD RCA audio) - has a white background around the connection