Pioneer 7.1-Channel Network A/V Receiver

**Item: **Pioneer 7.1-Channel Network A/V Receiver
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9/4/2013 - $329.99 - 26 comment(s)
9/4/2013 - $329.99 - 26 comment(s)

Let’s check out the product page

Time to watch a video [youtube=hRzLjeIw3GE][/youtube]

Bought Pioneer 7.1 on Woot previously. After ~1 year, it died while switching from an undervolume source to an overvolume source. Apparently the fuse is not a serviceable item, so it’s now in a landfill somewhere. Google “%model number% won’t turn on.”

Any A/V shop could have fixed that for like 50 bucks.

Does it connect through wireless or do you need a cable?

I could have fixed that for like under 10 bucks and the radio shack within walking distance of my house

I bought this same receiver about a month ago for a new projector install. I have a couple of gripes I wish I would have caught (on me). No HDMI upconversion. The app available for this model is really poor.

By far the biggest complaint is that the HDMI switching is sometimes just broken… I can’t believe I didn’t find more on that out there. It basically will refuse to do the handshake sometime, and you end up staring at a blank screen. When you talk about using a PS3 on it… get ready to turn it off and on a lot. The fix I’ve seen out there is to use a HDMI switch. Seems a little ridiculous. Granted, I have not had an opportunity to call support about this issue and they may have some sort of update.

Besides those complaints, this unit has great sound, and is a capable and powerful receiver. For it’s versatility, the price is worth it if you aren’t concerned about HDMI upconversion from older devices.

Bought this receiver from Woot awhile back.

This machine has serious issues with the PS3 with what I believe is an issue with the HDCP handshaking since it is sitting between the machine and the tv.

What happens is that it every 5-40 minutes, the video will drop (leaving the sound intact). Common suggestions on random av boards is to replace the cable.

I have in a box 10 different hdmi cables. Any combination of two (run between the AV to TV and PS3 to AV) does not solve this issue.

My WiiU, Wii, Xbox360, and WD Live do not have these problems.

This is a general warning for those with a PS3 and understand it could possibly be a problem with the upcoming PS4.

The solution I have now to still use the surround sound features is to directly connect the HDMI port to the TV and connect the optical out into the AV Reciever.

It’s a hot mess, but my harmony remote makes the weird input settings on everything possible.

The issue with picture going black is so true. I recently bought this from newegg and losing the picture every now and then gets irritating.

Also, switching between input takes an eternity. I mean, come on. Why should switching between inputs take like 5 seconds. I know, I know, I crib.

I don’t have this receiver, but it does say that it supports ARC (Audio return channel) over HDMI. If your TV has ARC out you may not need the optical cable just the one HDMI input. Sometimes only certain ports on the TV will support ARC. My TV has ARC but it doesn’t support full surround sound. So if I want full sound I can’t use it. Your Mileage May Vary but it is worth looking at.

I was wondering this too, and couldn’t find an answer, which I guess means no wi-fi built in.

Which would you say is better - this one or the Onkyo one that has been offered a few times lately, most recently during the recent wootoff?

What scared me off from buying that one was the problems with overheating/ventilation that it seems to have. My receiver is in a rather confined area, so there isn’t a lot of ventilation there. Would this one have those same problems?

I’ve kinda wanted to upgrade for a while, but have just been hesitant to mess with what’s working. (I have a very, very big entertainment center that I inherited from the previous owners when I bought the place … it goes from the floor to about six inches from the ceiling and changing anything is an ordeal - so even though I’d like to upgrade everything, the path of least resistance has been to leave it alone.)

Looking at the manual (pgs 19 & 39), it looks like wired only.

Hopefully a wooter with better knowledge can verify this.

A rainforest place has this for 247.50 new.

I bought this a month or so ago from here. I’m pretty happy with it overall, but here are a few notes:

No wifi built in, there is an ethernet jack on the back. There is an optional bluetooth dongle available that I do not have or need.

Switching sometimes takes 5-10 seconds from one source to the other, but I don’t find that to be a huge deal.

I have it hooked up to an Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii U. I have had no blank screen issues with the PS3 as others have stated.

There is a newer firmware upgrade available than what it ships with and I installed it right away:

The remote and menus are very poor, as well as the iOS/Android app. The menus are not intuitive but once you get it all setup you will not need to revisit them much at all. I use a Logitech Harmony remote so I never need to use the included one again.

It has airplay! I tried to get it to work on day one and had no luck. A few days later the airplay icon magically appeared on my iPad and now it works perfectly for audio only.

No HDMI upscaling, that’s the next model up.

It sounds much louder than my previous receiver and I’m thinking about getting new speakers.

I would get this again, once you are past the setup it works well and has a lot of power and HDMI inputs for the price. There are higher end models that offer a few more features but this seems to be the best bang for the buck value.

One more note, it includes a microphone so you can run the automatic calibration program for your room. Once I did that the sound improved quite a bit.

5 seconds…an eternity?? Really?


My search at amazon says 479.