Pioneer 7.1CH 3D Ready A/V Receiver



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Pioneer 7.1CH 3D Ready A/V Receiver
$249.99 + $5 Standard OR $22 Two-Day OR $25 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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No built in phono preamp. (I’m probably the only one that wants optical audio input, hdmi, 3d and still use my turntables.)


Easily correctible isn’t it?


Price: $449.99 at the Pioneer website

Owners Manual
Spec Sheet


Yes. Read all about phono preamps.

There are [tons of inexpensive ones available](phono preamp).


I’m in need of a quality receiver, yet I’m not very savvy when it comes to the tech. Anyone have this and/or would you recommend it?


Meh… Cnet says the sound quality is disappointing. That scares me off.


When it comes to receivers and quality it can be very relative. There are audiophiles out there that would consider anything under several thousand dollars inferior.

If you mean quality as per how well its built or how long it lasts my experience is that they all last a long time, they are usually outdated with features before the break.

This particular receiver is VERY feature packed for the price like the ability to play the FLAC lossless codec over the network feature, airplay, and more.

Here is Cnet’s reivew.


Price is $299 over at Newegg.

Seems like this is a pretty good deal to me… I was looking not too long ago at a 5.1 channel for the same price. And it’s not even a refurb.

From CNET: “The bottom line: The Pioneer VSX-1022-K’s combination of six HDMI inputs and AirPlay looks good from afar, but this AV receiver is only worth considering if you can find it heavily discounted.” Looks like they’d give this one a thumbs-up at this price.


Here it is on Newegg and the 36 customer reviews with it…Newegg Customer Reviews


No, you are not alone. It also does not have 5.1 analog inputs for those of us that still listen to DVD-Audio. Other than this I would buy it. This is a great buy and if you do not need this feature then buy it!


Bought one a month ago for $333.

Network capability - stream music from itunes & smartphones.

Pandora radio is nice.

Sounds good.

Many hdmi inputs.

FM sounds great.

Video upconversion.

TERRIBLE user interface for network functions (practically unusable).

Only 1 toslink digital optical port.

Bluetooth is an extra $60 chip. Required for coolest features like the jukebox thing that I thought I could use.

Takes ~15 secondss to turn on.

Each video input is paired to an audio input & cant toggle (cant use radio & tv simultaneously)

Front panel buttons are useless.

Remote is poorly designed.

No phono for you hipsters.

Bottom line: Pioneer, have you tried using this before you released it??.. w t f? but airplay is sweet.


bought the 1021-k for $289 new on woot almost a year ago:

not sure how much better/worse this model is from the 1021 but I can attest that the 1021 sounds loud and clear in our media room and is packed with all of the same features as the 1022… ive got the 1021 hooked up to infiniti reference main towers, interlude center and klipsch satellites … there was plenty of power to spare to push 5.1 or 7.1 surround. The clarity of DTS master HD and Dolby true HD sound amazes me. HDMI switching works well with a little tweaking through the GUI… not sure about that 15 second start up time, its more like 5 seconds


I also bought a 1021k last year and it works great. My only complaint is that it’s AirPlay support only does audio. Does this one do video over AirPlay?


Read the reviews. When the best thing people like CNET can say is, “…only worth considering if you can find it heavily discounted”, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment on this one.

On the other hand - $249 is what they would consider heavily discounted.


I have this, bought it for around 300.

I’m happy with the purchase:

Airplay works great, just like any other airplay device. Pandora and any other network function is complete crap though, so don’t buy it for that!

It operates well for audio, no complaints and sounds great on 5.1 and 2.0 audio.

I’ve had some issues with HDMI coming from a computer (mac mini has huge issues, zotac zbox ad10 is basically good to go with it after some tweaking). It’s many of the same receiver issues you’ll find with computers and ANY receiver. I can just vouch for it on this one though…


Maybe so, but all referenced in the Amazon post are out of stock.


I am with you on this. I am not a big fan of the pre-amps post market that you get, because it seems that no matter how they are grounded, there is always a humm of interference picked up. Considering how much junk is on this receiver, I think that the cost of throwing a magnetic cartridge phono input would be compensated by the increased sales it would generate.


Don’t feel so special! The first thing I did was check for a preamp :slight_smile: