Pioneer 7.2 or 9.2 Network A/V Receiver

Great reviews (4.7 out of 5.0) on the SC-63 over at amazon

Some additional info on the SC-63 (and video!) over at

I was wondering what “select Android devices” means, so I found the iControl AV 2012 application on Google Play, which gives a list of ‘tested’ platforms.

It does not appear that Pioneer is doing much development on the Android application, no changes since 2012 and reviews are nearly evenly split between 5-stars and 1-star.

Wow, these have come way down in price. To put things in perspective, the SC-35 (Which I personally own and love) retailed for $2200 in 2010.

I know! I think I paid like $2600 for my SC-37 just a couple years ago. No fancy airplay for this guy :frowning:

Too many channels. Two is more than enough. Mono is usually just fine.

Er sorry, I have the SC-37. Retail for it was $2200, the SC-35 was $1400.

I don’t worry about the airplay part.

Are you crazy!
I can hardly imagine all the speakers you’d have to buy!

((see what I did there))

Is woot certified dealer? If not, I think Pioneer will not honor warranty request.

7.2? 9.2? How about 9.3 so I can finally have my dodecaphonic stereo?

Is anyone working on a googolphonic stereo with a moonrock needle? I need a new car stereo.

Well, as a happy SC-35 owner (I’m kinda surprised there are a few more up above) I’ve really loved mine. Yes, I’d like to have airplay, but my BT adapter does fine for me…

Just keep in mind that although the iControl AV app for my iPhone does indeed still work fine for me, Pioneer did leave us sc-35 owners high and dry when they released a new iApp. Yamaha and Denon are much better at including owners of previous gen products in their newer apps.

I suppose that would be true for people deaf in one ear.

The specs are lacking total harmonic distortion measurements and just plain lacking amplifier measurements in general for such an expensive receiver. The specs are more a list of features here than they are true specs.

The Specs are the same as what you’ll find on the Pioneer website unless you dig for the Owner’s Mauals…

For both models:
Total Harmonic Distortion = 0.04% (1kHz, 110 W, 8 Ohm)

Owner’s Manual SC-65:

Owner’s Manual SC-63:


I’m looking to buy a new surround sound receiver and these look very appealing but I also have reservations concerning Woot being and “authorized seller” for warranty purposes. Pioneer will NOT repair or replace any defective product if it is sold by anyone other than an Authorized Retailer.
Plus, I also need PHONO inputs as I still listen to my record collection (except now I don’t cause my Luxman receiver is fried). I don’t see phone on the back panel of these.

I was wondering if anyone remembered Steve Martin’s famous quote…

The SC-63 is nearly identical to the non-Elite SC-1222. The SC-65 is nearly identical to the SC-1522. The only differences are:

  1. The colors of the font and indicator lights on front panel (Elite models have orange font vs. light blue for non-Elite)
  2. Warranty. 2 years for Elite vs. 1 year for non-Elite.
  3. Elite models have 12v triggers for external amps.

The SC-1222 is consistently on sale for much less than the SC-63. I have that model, and it is great.

A suggestion for the Woot! photography department.

When you take pictures of Home Theater Receivers like these, it’s very helpful to the potential purchasers to have a clear, detailed, straight-on shot of the back panel with the input labeling readable in the picture. That way purchasers can see if the unit has the inputs needed for their particular set of devices that they’re planning to hook up to the receiver and how those inputs are arranged.

A clear shot of the front inputs and controls (with readable labeling) would probably also be helpful, too.

That said, I bought a Yamaha RX-A1020 receiver earlier this year, otherwise I’d be seriously tempted here. Pioneer makes excellent audio equipment. I came from a previous generation Pioneer (VSX-1015TX) and loved it. It was a pre-HDMI receiver and just wasn’t able to keep up with my device collection any more. It was somewhat bittersweet boxing it back up. I’ll probably pull it back out if I ever set up just a a secondary dedicated-music sound system.

If you have any issues getting warranty support from Pioneer, contact and we will assist.