Pioneer 7.2CH A/V Network Receiver w/Bluetooth & Wi-Fi

I have the previous generation of this (VSX-1124), and have been really happy with it. Improved features and connectivity, Atmos support and a good price, don’t think anyone will be disappointed with this.

Sorry to ask such a rookie question. This unit has two HDMI outputs. If I wanted to plug in a projector and a television, can I switch between the two, or are the outputs specifically designed for a type of display? I am unfamiliar with the printed legend HDZONE and ARC/MAIN. Thanks.

We were all rookies at one time. Gotta start somewhere. If your tv/projector has the hdmi input then they are useable.
I have the previous model and it has sub preouts and preouts for the two main channels. I only use it for movies which isn’t much but, the hdmi output crapped out after a year. I’m sure I just got the one out of a 100 that this happened to.