Pioneer 7.2CH A/V Network Receiver w/Bluetooth & Wi-Fi

Anyone know if this will get DTS:X support via a firmware upgrade. This is a great deal if it will but if it doesn’t it will have a serious incompatibility way too soon for a premium receiver.

Nope, Pioneer has stated that they have no such plans. And the following link states that you have to move to elite in order to get that feature.

BTW: I got mine in mail yesterday and I like it. I had to replace my 2yr old Onkyo that crapped out on me just before Xmas. Setup was a piece of cake. And honestly for this price I don’t really mind not having some features.

I was worried about some of the reviews I read stating the blacks end up gray and the whites end up “dirty” because of poor video processing. Also saw some users expressing difficulty at setup, poor user interface, and the necessity of connecting to the internet to begin setup.

I am also in the market for a new receiver after my Onkyo seems to have HDMI / Component board issues. I have been losing my Component Video connection, which returns after I unplug the unit for some time. Points to Onkyo capacitor issues.

Video Quality - I did’t see any difference in video quality compared to Onkyo. This is actually an upgrade to my Onkyo which only supported 1080p & 3D.

SetUp - It is actually easier than Onkyo. You can download Start-Up Navi app which will guide you through the whole setup. It works like a charm.

Also, you can download iControlAV5 app, which acts as as advanced remote and improves that user interface beyond any other I have seen in the market.