Pioneer 8” 2-Way Round In-Ceiling CST Speaker (Pair)

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Pioneer 8" 2-Way Round In-Ceiling CST Speaker (Pair)
$49.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Are these compatible with my ceiling cat installation?

I liked the description.

My girlfriend would just love it if I put big holes in the ceiling to mount these things – NOT!

I know someone that has these and they are awesome.

No kidding. I was laughing at that one.

I wonder if the landlord would count this as improvements or destruction of property…

I concur with you, that description was rather entertaining if I do say so myself. (Imagine me in a top-hate and a monocle it will read a lot better)

agghhhhhh!!! I have been waiting to buy two sets of these! Put them back up!!!