Pioneer 8” Two-Way In-Wall Speakers (Pair)

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Pioneer 8" Two-Way In-Wall Speakers (Pair)
$69.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Warning: I bought some Pioneer headphones during the last wootoff, they had some issues on the left ear, and Pioneer is not honoring the warranty on them because “Woot is not an authorized reseller”.

Do they have good bass?

Two way…? Does that mean the wall gets to hear it too?

Who could have guessed? The woot off dragon was slain by two 8 inch speakers with removable grills.

I bought these many years ago. They work ok but need a sub woofer to bring the base out. The grill needs to be set just right to make it stay in place. All in all not a bad price for what you get.

Frequency response is good at this price I think. Not super low, but better than a lot of other speakers in this price range. For example, these are spec’d to go 2hz lower than my 10" subwoofer actually. However, that does not at all mean the bass actually sounds good, it just means that it’s there. I have no experience with these.

It means there are two drivers. Mid-range/bass driver and a tweeter (high freq.)

I own these. Solid buy, the high’s are high, the mid’s are mid and low’s are real low… with proper EQ of course.

You should cover your ceiling in them!

Mmm, I just love phase cancellation.

Looks like they’ve got ~40 of these things. It’s gonna be awhile.

Edit: Might be closer to 20 actually. It’s hard to tell when the front page doesn’t update at the same rate as the comments page.

I wonder if mounting these flush on my desk would work.

I assume with no enclosure behind the drivers the sound would suck, no?

Everybody needs to buy a bunch of these for their crazy 10.2 or w/e surround sound setups with their expensive receivers.

It would most certainly suck. You would especially be lacking in bass and lower-mid-range.

With these speaks, ppl need to get a rockin’
That way the rest of us peeps can get a B-0-C’n


only 20% left and i just read em now…meh

i kinda want them for my living room so i can take the hanging 4" ones down and have 100% internal wall wiring then :slight_smile:

thatd be sweet

but alas, i shall pass on this meal
(and for the specs and price, this is a deal)

In for three of these too! Why not!?!

These speakers are probably putting alot of people to sleep

I hate it when one item stalls the woot off.

I would have bought 3 if I had been awake for this… been eyeing these on MOOFI, and 69 is a lot less than 99