Pioneer 8” Two-Way In-Wall Speakers (Pair)

Sweeeeeet! in for 4 sets!

Seems like a good price.

Am I crazy or were these not just offered the other day for 10 bucks more? Seems like a good deal.

I’ve seen these before… lol. Woot must have a large inventory of left-overs.

What’s the sound quality on these bad boys?

watt? i cant hear you!

Very good, and if you have a open basement they are too easy to install. I’m going whole house with theses!

You’re right. June 14. $69.99.

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Definitely a good deal right now for $10 less."+2-Way+In-Wall+Speaker+(Pair)/9945332.p?id=1218199622530&skuId=9945332