Pioneer Andrew Jones Bluetooth Speaker Bar Sys

Hi there. Check your email. You should have a return label very soon if not already.

I just pulled the trigger on this one … been looking out for a decent sound bar for a while now.

Hope it lives up to the reviews.

Thanks, Woot!

After nearly 7 years, my Woots bought square finally turns black. I feel so strangely unfulfilled.

Shouldn’t Woot Monkeys and Leak Frogs come parading through my office riding Roomba floats, with Woot light strobes turning and Zune fueled Woot-Off music blaring?


Well can I at least get a shot at another Breville Citrus Press?

I have some amazon gift cards. Can you I use them to pay for a Woot item?

I can’t seem to figure out how to do that even though I am logged in through my Amazon account. Thanks in advance, TimE.

Sorry, we don’t accept Amazon gift cards.

looks like its 2.1

it got 5 star reviews when people paid $400.

For $150, im sold. Buying now.

Let me channel my former Circuit City employee self for a moment:

You could call this 2.1, since it is 2 channels (left + right stereo), and 1 sub (.1)

Well, I just setup to purchase this, changed a setting in my shipping / billing information, and now PayPal is no longer an option to pay.

I know I purchased an item on a card a while back but I was always a fan of using PayPal since my broadcasting job and all my eCommerce action goes through that payment handler.

Am I crazy or what the fuck is happening? I don’t want to lose the chance at this product and I sure as hell won’t be able to transfer funds from my PayPal to the bank account fast enough to capitalize on this deal.


after monitoring the comments most of the day (& reading several reviews), I decided to pull the trigger. I am a little nervous about purchasing a refurbished system but if its in good shape & works half as good as its reviews, this should be a steal. cant wait to hook it up.

Have they resolved the issue with the subwoofer cutting out at low volume levels? This is a different issue than the BT one.

Speaker bar is 40ohm… Does that mean I shouldn’t use it as a center with two tower speakers (each 8 ohm)?

I just bought one here, for what its worth I also have one of these I paid full price for. For $400 it is easily one of the best if not the best sounding 2.1 systems you can get. One thing that stands out to me is the fact that it is pretty much the only wooden sound bar on the market I have seen under $500. Wood sounds better than plastic in an audio situation, I don’t know why, it just does. The only downside is one of the screw holes for the back stripped out of the MDF board or whatever they use for the cabinet, but I just used a larger screw.

The sound bar is not a mere speaker. It has the amplifier and everything built into it. The only way you could really use this as a center channel would be to use the pre-amp output from your existing receiver (assuming you have a receiver and it is equipped with said output) and connect that single mono output to the left and right analog inputs of the sound bar using a mono to dual-mono rca splitter.

This would, in effect, give you a “self-powered” center channel that would also have its own dedicated sub and volume control, both of which are pretty pointless as you would never adjust the volume only on the sound bar (now center channel) and center channels don’t get hardly any low frequency signal. So the sub would rarely be used.

It would be a waste and defeats the purpose of this system. If you are simply looking for a center channel speaker many can be had for similar money that would be far easier and likely more successful to use.

Anyone know about the cosmetic conditions of these? I rolled the dice and bought one but not sure exactly what it is ima get…are these new but opened up to fix past issues or are these things preowned? Will these be in original boxs? What does"factory reconditioned" mean exactly?

Wow. been looking at this setup for months. waiting for a good price on an open box and then this deal shows up. I almost pulled a muscle hitting the buy button.

CRAP! Too little, too late. Maybe next time. Thanks anyway.

The unit I got was a dud, subwoofer doesn’t work. Others reporting the same. Broken stuff at discount prices!

Oh man, that’s a bummer. can help get you taken care of. Be sure to include your order details.

Got mine today… The subwoofer wont stay connected longer then 10 seconds at a time. Contacted woot for them to take it back.