Pioneer Bookshelf Loudspeakers - Pair

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Pioneer Bookshelf Loudspeakers - Pair
Price: $89.99
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Impedance = 6 Ohms.

Typical is 8 Ohms.

6 or 8 are both typical. Any amp can drive these without issue. 4 would be a different story.

Here are some links to reviews and comparisons…

BS21 vs BS22

Sound Test 1

Sound Test 2

Sound Test 3

A Review

I hope these help

I used to have this full pioneer system before I upgraded. These are reasonable to fill in for the rears of a living room but many would likely be disappointed in their performance as stand alone bookshelf speakers. I guess anyone can buy mine if they want for 40 haha;)

These speakers are extremely well regarded in the audiophile community. They offer fantastic performance for the price. They usually sell for $129, and at times $99, so $89 for these is a good price. Designed by Andrew Jones, who knows how to make a really great cheap speaker. I highly doubt you’ll find anything as good as these Pioneers under $99. They are a really forgiving speaker that work well with many types of music. They are definitely on the laid back side, and have a nice non-fatiguing sound quality. As expected for a smaller driver, they require a subwoofer for the deepest bass extension of some music.

If you are someone used to cheap crap speakers, these will be an absolute revelation for you.

The last thing you want to do with these is use them as a rear ambient speaker. They should be up front paired with a sub. These are outstanding entry level audiophile speakers designed by a guy who has built speakers at KEF that sell for thousands.

Caveat -The warranty is actually 1 year not 5 years.

According to the instruction manual these were meant to be part of a surround sound system as rear speakers. They likely can be used as front speakers with limited bass extension.

I have a pair of these as part of my surround system (a full Pioneer Andrew Jones system with front, middle, rear and sub). They’re excellent for the money.

Overflow from a recent massdrop? I picked up a set of these and really couldn’t be more satisfied, I don’t think it’s possible to get better sounding speakers for the money. Give them a decent amp and a good source and you will be completely set. Plenty of bass and, really, you won’t even hear the speaker, just the music or whatever you’re feeding it.

How long of a warranty do you need for a set of speakers? Anything to likely go wrong would probably be caused by neglect or mis-use. This is coming from a guy who’s never “broken” a set of speakers aside from having a dog knock over a floor-stander and cause one of the drivers to seize up.

The 1 year warranty would not stop me from buying these great speakers especially at this price point. The point is Woot is pitching them with a 5yr, maybe they would like to clear that up.

Wow! I haven’t heard the term “bookshelf speaker” since the 70’s.

Does anyone know if these could be repurposed as up-firing Atmos front height speakers?

I can speak for these speakers in the following context:

I did a lot of research before buying, and I chose these over others in the size/price range. I bought these and an inexpensive, small 50-wpc amp (with a robust power supply) for my home office system. In this context, they’re fantastic.

I’m a bit of an audiophile. I was a Magnepan fanatic for a while, and I owned three different sets of Magnepans, including one with a true ribbon tweeter. I had a setup with discrete power amplifier and preamp. I had to leave Magneplanars behind for lack of space and I now use Monitor Audio for stereo and home theater. I’ve auditioned a lot of high-end audio.

I love these little speakers. They image excellently. They’re smooth and non-fatiguing in frequency response. They have surprising bass for their size. (Like any box speaker, being too close to or too far from a wall can affect the bass significantly.)

In short, if you want them for a small setup, you can’t go wrong. For big rooms, I don’t know. Haven’t tried them.

I have the same and run them with a Yamaha Avantage 5.1 Even with just 5 speakers the sound is immersive and clear. The fronts are the Free standing towers.

Just note these do not have mounting brackets or holes for them. You will either need a shelf or a clamp bracket.

Have the original version of these Andrew Jones speakers, towers and subwoofer. Metal grilles not cloth, paired with my 1986 Pioneer amp. Not a penny of disappointment, they’re fantastic.

Hi Michael, please let me know if you want to sell your pair - I can use a decent set of bookshelf speakers to upgrade my unit. Thanks! [MOD: removed phone number]