Pioneer Bookshelf Loudspeakers (Pair)

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Pioneer Bookshelf Loudspeakers (Pair)
$99.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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$190+ on Amazon. All happy customers.

Does no one want to post about these speakers?

20 of these? Oh boy. Might be time to cook some dinner.

Will these get loud enough for the woot monkeys to hear when I tell them this item stinks?

Cool, but I’m still looking for the little red mailbox…

Also, there are 10 pairs. 9 left.

not a fan of small speakers lol

These play sound through them.

Same price at BB. Plus you can go pick them up yourself. Just sayin’.

Using my superior computational skills…

I’m thinking there are 20 of these

These are absolutely excellent! Really great sound with such a small foot print. Audio geeks, spare me from your annoying rant, casual listeners don’t care what you care about

these have been in the past 2 or 3 wootoffs

Useful when you don’t need books anymore due to Kindle/Nook.

Their product development team could have conjured up a better use-related name for these.

“Oh yeah, lemme stick these puppies on the BOOKSHELF, amidst all of my BOOKS, so they can absorb all of the sound! Heck, I might even use them as bookends and face the speakers into the books for good measure!”

tic tic tic…

I’m pretty Sure Andrew also designed my toilet bowl. The booming sounds that come out of the bathroom are something to behold.

Down to 50%. Keep em moving guys!

"■Oversized magnets provide powerful bass
And I always thought big woofers did that.