Pioneer Dolby TrueHD 5.1 Channel Home Theater Receiver with 3D-Ready HDMI Switching

I don’t know about the performance, but it sure does LOOK sexy.

Really…not enough power for a MAIN system but maybe a small living room or something like that.

Why do you need more than 1 HDMI output? Are you outputting to more than one TV from the receiver?

I don’t always buy stereo equipment, but when I do, I buy Pioneer.

For whoever made the TX comment; you’ll find this to be amusing.

It’s too dry to even sneeze here without blowing something up. I was going downstairs a few hours ago to throw out my trash, and it looked like it was raining. Naturally, I started to get excited. It wasn’t until I started to noticed the “rain” was starting to sting, my eyes were starting to hurt, and my clothes were brown when I got inside, that I realized it was some dust storm with the moisture coming from the sprinkler across the street. fail

their site says it has “HDMI Standy Through”. wonder if that’s the same?

i think there is optical… accordin to the pictures…

A home audio… component!!! On Woot??? Since Amazon!!!

No all-in-one? No built-in grill?

Not a Roomba clock radio apron?

I’d hate to be one of those guys who only complains and never offers a compliment. Credit where credit is due. I’ve been seeing some pretty nice geek-esoteric deals recently on Woot that harken back to its glory days.

Just letting you know someone noticed. Well done.

You failed to mention what you did to resolve the aforementioned issues with today’s offering. Will you please elaborate on attempts to resolve warranty issues, etc.?

I haven’t used YPAO or Audyssey, but manual calibration of my Denon AVR-1312 using a SPL app (on my wife’s iPad) sounds better than the MCACC on the Pioneer VSX-521 does.

Nothing less than 7.1? But most blu rays aren’t formatted for 7.1 yet. Aren’t you really just asking to spend money on 2 more speakers and the same sound 2x over? Don’t get me wrong, 7.1 is the “wave of the future” but it’s just about as ubiquitous (and necessary) as a 3D television right now.

As soon as I figure out how to, you know, attach the other three speakers to get an actual “surround sound” system, I’ll be interested. Left and right stereo speaker outputs but 5.1 multichannel inputs? Fail.

I returned it to the store and got a Denon. All my problems were in less than 30 days, and I decided to go with a brand more known for sound quality than a receiver stuffed full of features.

Not the original poster but I too would prefer dual output from a receiver. I have two tv’s next to each other so that I can play a game while the wife watches tv or the kid can watch a movie while the wife plays a game. People looks at us strangely but it allows me to be in the room with the wife while she watches crap like desperate housewives. Currently I use a monoprice 4x2 switchbox that works great but it feels like we are in the past when one of us has to go and push the button to switch the input/output. Has a remote but I’m too lazy to program the switchbox buttons on our universal remote.

does this thing upconvert component to HDMI?


It has 5 speaker outputs and a sub out. It also has two pre-amp out so you could expand it to a 7.1 system in the future just by adding an amp. I can’t remember if you can use the other two outs as a zone 2 or not though.

I’m not an audiophile but I do have a criticism. It uses a FL display. While it’s clear and bright initially, and generally more pleasing than LEDs, this type of display dims rapidly after a few years. I have a few components where the FL display is basically unusable from more than 2 feet away. Luckily most equipment, including this receiver, have On Screen Display (OSD) through the TV.

Video and sound recording banks, coincidental a/v editing systems, and generally ANYTHING woot! shan’t provide for avid MEDIATRICIANS – remember, you heard it here FIRST!!!

Very perceptive, it is definitely not a Roomba clock radio apron…which I really want now, but only if it has the built-in grill.