Pioneer Dual iPod Dock Speaker System with Bluetooth

Will it work with my Zune


Official Product Website

There is absolutely nothing wrong in having a cold dead hands policy.


certainly, so long as you transfer your Zune’s content to an iPod

Looks like it will work with anything. Docks work with all the iPod/iPhones. Bluetooth connection for others and even an aux input for the rest.

i got excited for half a second when I thought it said $19.99 not so much for $119.99

at Cnet

and ZDnet

Only 2 reviews on Amazon, but both are 5 stars. Their price is twice as much too, looks like a great deal!!! Sure wish I could use one.

this is a great deal


apparently won’t work with my 3rd gen iTouch


Lots of “I” products. What’s a guy to do if you buy other things, like Sansas and Droids??

bleh, I like my $119 Logitech S715i much better.
It’s even portable and rechargeable. Take it outside with you!!


Just what we need, another dock that only allows for one non-standard input.

My wife bought one! Even though it doesn’t say we are hoping it will work with our ipod touch 3rd/4th gens!

So does this thing still connect to your iphone with a case on it, or do you have to pull it out of your case everytime you want to connect it or charge your phone?

I have a 2nd generation ipod touch. But, when I eventually upgrade will this thing be useless? (I mean besides the fact I could use the aux input which would be lame.)

Not compatible with the iPhone 4, according to the Apple Store website.