Pioneer Dual iPod Dock Speaker System with Bluetooth

Wants there to be a tshirt sale again

I didn’t know they had iPods back in the 19th century.

Oh where, oh where, has my Bag Of Crap gone. Oh where, oh where can it be?

Wow! That’s a loooowwww price!

hmmm… this is kinda cool… and not at all redundant

HEY! the woot lights are blinking again!

My guess is there are either 5 or 50 to sell (I haven’t peeked yet). The T-shirt sale is usually early afternoon from what I recall (if they have it).

My lights aren’t flashing

sahweet…now i can listen to my ipod while using my new sonic toothbrush to clean my buckyballs

one of these days we’ll get the ipod

What did you think Apple made them. Psh I say good sir, they are lost technologies.

I mean who doesn’t long for their wooden and cog laden iPod.

we almost made it a whole day without an ipod item. Almost

Thank you kind sir


If you didn’t notice, ericalanoliver was FIRST!!!


If as usual over the last year or so, the typical 3:30-6:30 p.m. eastern time.

so they didnt have bag of crapola today? :frowning: