Pioneer Dual iPod Dock Speaker System with Bluetooth

Is this Sansa compatible?

I assume you meant to ask if its Zune compatible right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Why dual?

This is wack. These sale items all suck.

In for Three…NOT!

Is this the second iPod speaker system in 2 hours?

I feel like 3/4’s of the stuff in this Woot-Off are just recycled “deals”

Oh and Zune or bust

i would think that someone at amazon is sitting back and laughing at us…

but that would assume that amazon actually cares enough about Woot! to dedicate a single employee to it. im sure the descriptions are outsourced to india and/or Watson

how many docks do they expect us to haz?

You know, it would be nice to see some of these that are for Sansas. We own about 6 of them, thanks to Woot.

If I had an iPod, then maybe…but the Sansa’s are way better. Unfortunately, they don’t make all the pretty extras for it.

I wonder if they have docks for the docks of the docks?

yay, iSnob products.

2 woot killers, in a row but you should buy 3 and have your friends buy 3 as well. They make great gifts to charity.

We bought one last time this was up on Woot (same price), and LOVE IT. Great sound, good BT range, easy setup.

If you buy the iPhone 4 universal dock adapters from the Apple store, it is 100% compatible with iPhone 4.

Which is maybe one reason that they are not way better?

Too bad the cold dead hands policy doesn’t apply to docks too.

I have to know. Has anyone actually ordered one of the iPod items and then contacted Woot complaining they thought they would get an iPod with the item? Is there really someone that dumb? I would think there must have been someone if Woot always has to say something about it.

Hurry little yellow button, please bounce so we may move on from this tragedy