Pioneer DVD-R/RW Recorder with 80GB DVR



Worth it for some. Good price, good features. But I’m going to have to pass.


I’ve already got’s called a computer.




I agree with bargle… I have a computer that I’ll be putting in a TV-Capture card and use a recorder to record my tv shows and all…


Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

Pioneer DVD-R/RW Recorder with 80GB DVR
$249.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Refurbished
product(s): 1 Pioneer DVR-531H-S DVD-R/RW Recorder with 80GB DVR


does this require some type of subscription to some sort of service?


you can still get a tivo for free with lifetime subscribion for $299 till 4-15 HHMMMMM


hmm… $255 for refurbished machine… it can’t be that bad… woot works hard to hook us up :slight_smile:


Does it have a firewire input for digital video cameras?


I think woot has run out of good stuff to sell… everything is starting to look very familiar. If they haven’t sold the exact same item already, it’s a very similar one.


Seems a bit high in price and only 80Gb of disk space? I’ll pass, but thanks Woot!


yeah woot what he said!


if they could just refurbish law and order…


guess you didn’t read the product description…

the Pioneer DVR-531 just records your favorite shows to its burly 80GB hard drive. Its show-scheduling interface may not be as slick as TiVo’s, but it’s also free – that’s right, the Pioneer DVR-531 does not come with the unwelcome obligation to pay a monthly fee for the rest of its natural life. What a concept, huh?


This price for refubished? No thanks…


Does anyone know if this handles SVCDs, MPEG, or DIVX?


do i need to subscribe to a service to use a dvr? or is it plug and play? and yes, im being serious.


Looks like FROOG’s got it for $598.00

Night :slight_smile:


Can I use this with Dish Network? I’ve already got a receiver with PVR, but would love one with a DVD recorder as well.


Who needs one of these if you have a half decent desktop computer nowadays? No thanks w00t! Maybe tomorrow.