Pioneer DVD Recorder and VCR Combo



a COMPLETE Listing of all woot-off items can be found here


Nice woot… would break my bankroll though. If only I had a little extra… got to love Pioneer


Pioneer produced the first american release of the pokemon anime vhs.


People still use VCR’s?


wow, i got soo excited when this came out and the “I want one” button was bouncing and the bar was almost gone, I thought woo hoo we will get through this one quick! Now the bar is full… :O(


No hard drive?


Not worth it, there are no DVI connections.


Nice recorder wish it had a hard drive with it:)


Give me a +R and upconverting please!!!


What the hell is a VCR?


no thanks. been looking for an mP3 with 512 memory. wonder if they’ll put one up.


I waited for more than two and a half hours for an item that I already own


I bought one of these about 1 and 1/2 years ago. It works flawlessly. I buy cheap DVDs and have never had a failure.




People still have VHS camcorders and such that need to be transfered to DVD. Good buy. I already have a pioneer DVD recorder and it’s awesome.


I had one, did not last very long, probably around 3 months. Refuses to play DVDs but plays tapes still…


its moving pretty fast! prolly only 10 of them.


your link is broke


It’s already down to 80%, so there’s probably like 100 of these. I’d get one, but I already bought the Dazzle crapola thing from Woot last month, and I still haven’t been able to burn any video tapes to DVD yet.