Pioneer Electronics

Pioneer discovered Japan. Or wuz it the other way around?

Is this unit sold each or as a pair? I can’t find any info either way? HELP!

The ceiling speakers? They are singles.

Pioneer sells ceiling speakers both as pairs and singles. They are noted in the Pioneer catalogue webpage but these are not. I was curious.

Amazon has this for $799.99

What voltage do Pioneer recevers take? 110? 110/220?

Is this receiver new or refurb?

The receivers in this event are NEW. If you click through to the sale, you’ll see the condition listed below the price. Also, items that show a list price are almost always New.

Hope that helps.

Shouldn’t the limit be 4 then?

Doggone, that’s a great idea! And it is done. Now, go buy… 4!

So nobody knows the voltage on these units? Anybody? Woot?

Sorry I was late to your question. The Sony site would be a good place for that info. They usually have PDF manuals on their site that contain specs.