Pioneer Elite Network Stereo Receiver

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Pioneer Elite Network Stereo Receiver
Price: $299.99
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No HDMI at all? Hell naw.



I doubt you require your caps lock key on.

Personally, I’ve had nothing but trouble with HDMI inputs. The standard is asynchronous (no clock), so there tends to be pops, skips, etc. Bluetooth, OTOH, doesn’t appear to suffer from this. I don’t see lack of HDMI as a deal killer.

But, unless you’re gonna tap your dryer or stove outlet for power, the 220-230V supply requirement just might be the deal killer for this Woot, at least in the USA.

No HDMi is a “no go” for me.

I thought the same thing

Or, just zoom in on the pic of the back of the receiver and see clearly where it says “120V”.

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They can’t do that. Then they couldn’t whine.

it’s not a A/V receiver. It’s only 2-channel stereo. Why would it need an HDMI?

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They need an HDMI cable because they don’t have a toslink cable. I’m sure that they would also complain when they discover that this receiver doesn’t have Dolby digital processing. This is a marvelous product that is designed primarily for audio playback, not for video integration.

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This is too expensive even at the discounted price. It says “Elite” but the specs don’t “.1% Harmonic Distortion” is not elite specs. Pass on this.

No HDMI, pass for me!
Oh BTW I wouldn’t let the 220v thing deter you, if the lack of HDMI hasn’t already, this seems to be a dual voltage device, will work equally well in N. America as well as 220v areas like Europe :slight_smile:

To the “No HDMI” crowd:
This is a stereo receiver, it has no video processing whatsoever. If you look at the features, it’s clearly 100% audiocentric.
This is an Onkyo clone- ever since Onkyo bought Pioneer, all of the Pioneer receivers are made by Onkyo with a Pioneer face and nameplate.
I have the first generation of this from 2011- TX-NR8050- It sounds great, drives any speakers I hook up to it and hardly even gets warm. The problem is that if you buy this for the networking features, you’ll be disappointed, because most of it changes all the time, but Onkyo will stop providing FW updates within a couple of years of its life- My receiver came with over 8 different online services including Pandora, Spotify, Slacker and many others- the only remaining working apps are Pandora and Slacker.

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There appear to be two toslink inputs and two coax digital inputs.

220, 221, whatever it takes.

I still have a Sony set up from the 70’s so know absolutely nothing about current equipment. Do you need speakers with this receiver? I am probably ditching my 5 disk CD player so no need for connections. Help!