Pioneer HD 1080p Blu-Ray Disc Player

All manufacturers are in cahoots with Monster to let stores sell their crappy HDMI cables with staggering markups. That’s why you can buy cheap players with no margin, they’re subsidized by accessories that cost a fortune.

Funny, I thought Pioneer made crappy products in the '70s; audio components had terrible background noise, noticeable distortion, not cutting edge. In the last ten years they seem to have remade themselves into a pretty respectable company, at least according to reviewers online. What’s wrong with the brand that burned you?

…will this play 8-track?

No but I have another question.

Will it play laser discs?

Insignia just released a model as well.

Actually, Sony has a Netflix streaming player out and the new Insignia player is going to be updated soon to add netflix.

Great HDMI cables (and other cables like network, usb, etc) are available at reasonable (cheap!) prices from

That is just flat-out wrong. There are many, many LCDs and plasmas that put out 1080i but not 1080p, and in addition, I would be surprised if there were a 1080p-capable screen that doesn’t also do 1080i.

As far as the original poster’s question, most people notice a definite improvement in the sharpness and overall quality of a progressive-scan image compared to an interlaced image at the same resolution, but it’s hard to see what you’re missing on the interlaced set when what you’re missing is something you don’t see – know what I mean? And it’s not like 1080i is ugly; it was once, after all, the best resolution available.

Assuming this thing puts out 1080i at all (I haven’t looked; I’m not that interested) then I’d say go ahead and get it if you like it, and upgrade your TV in the future.

These are going unsold on ebay for just a few dollars more.

wow on all day at this price and still hasn’t sold out. Just goes to show that even though Sorny “won” the format battle, it lost the media war. Sorny: always a loser.

…don’t you mean 0.41899K$ USD

Or for those who have receivers which will apply DSP only if it’s sent intact (and not as LPCM), as I do. DSP is a significant feature of my receiver and I hate to lose it just because the PS3 won’t send the stream in its original format.

I’d rather support woot than tiger and even with tiger’s free shipping the woot is cheaper

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Got my player a few days ago. I finally had a chance to hook it up. Unfortunately I got “copy protected signals cannot be outputted to the connected equipment” when I attached it to my tv via HDMI. I’m hoping it’s just a bad HDMI cable.

The player came with a downlevel version of the firmware; there’s a newer version - BD9080400 - on the Pioneer website for the 120 & 121.

Got mine a few days ago and I am THRILLED!

I’m hesitant to upgrade the firmware since I have no problems with my current player.

Always a little too slow. Darn. Maybe have another round of these soon?

bought one of these…it’s junk!!! Warranty repair is in CA. I know this because mine arrived broken.

Same here, only the AV cables work. I have spent quite a bit of time with both pioneer and samsung (my tv) tech support. Now I have to pay to have it shipped to be repaired. I really really regret buying this.

Got mine a while back. Does anyone know what kind of online functionality it has? It has some service called BDlive that i havn’t gotten to work yet (need a hardwire i suppose, tried using a bridge). I’d be curious to know if it’s even worth plugging in to the nets.