Pioneer HD 1080p Blu-Ray Disc Player

More comments on HSN with 7 reviews, 3.6 stars.

Read the description, look at the pictures, do something. Yes it definitely has HDMI out.

for those of you not familiar with the KURO link.

I’m pretty sure everyone’s known this for months. Like, a lot of months.

This link is almost as cheap. Woot you could do better.

Looks like a cheap way to enter into the Blu-Ray realm.

I’d also like to say Walmart does have a $98 blu-ray player at the brick and mortar stores.

Only on Pioneer’s Canadian website.

Woot must have brought these players south, eh?

EDIT 2: Only difference I see in the English half is that the BDP-120 (what Amazon has) consumes 18W normally and the BDP-121 (Woot) consumes 19W.

EDIT: The BDP-121 model lists the US site too… Curious. The first 24 pages of the manual (both are 107 long) seem to be absolutely identical. Unless I missed something. What’s the difference?

By Christmas it will be half that price.

To avoid future questions, DVDs are 480p, standard-def but in widescreen. Blu-Ray skips one layer of HD, 720p, to go to the current highest HD, 1080p.

Also, Netflix starting doing Blu-Ray so it might be a good time to make the upgrade.

Though Netflix does charge about $4 extra if you want to rent blu-ray.

Amen to the write up.

Only comes with a composite cable, which is too poor of quality for just about anything. Buy a cheap HDMI cable from Monoprice

For people saying get a PS3, the cheapest model of PS3 is currently $300. This is a big enough price difference that you should probably be a gamer to consider it.

it plays mp4 h.264 hd on regular dvd-r disks which is cool

records hd on a dvd-r up to about an hour of video avchd format mp4

ps3 are coming down in price ive sen them for 199 on sale so who knows

TigerDirct has this player for 149.99

TigerDirect Pioneer BDP121 Blu-Ray Player

Rather get this Panasonic for $6 more

No go on the MKV support. A Popcorn Hour or a WD HD Media player is great for that, though.

sounds like a good deal, but I’m saving up my money for a new Popcornhour C-200.

I need it for blu-ray and tons of MKVs!

Not really, when you add shipping and taxes!